141,667 Shots


Maroon Staff

More than 140,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered at the Westchester County Center.

Daniel Rublin

141,667 is a big number. 141,667 is also the number that is currently displayed on the big blue screen inside the Westchester County Center below the words “VACCINATIONS TO DATE!” The Westchester County Center, which was once used for local events, has been turned into a state-run mass vaccination site that is less than five miles from Scarsdale High School. Since then, the building has been one of the leading COVID-19 vaccination sites in New York’s efforts to efficiently vaccinate as many people as possible.

The Westchester County Center’s high efficiency of vaccination has amazed many. Doctor Harvey Gorrin, who volunteers at the Westchester County Center to administer COVID-19 shots, said that he was impressed with the efficiency of the system. “Several of the vaccine recipients have commented on how efficient the process has been,” Gorrin explained. “They’ve commented on how little time they actually spend waiting,” he added. While people are happy that the vaccination process is quick, people are also excited to just be receiving the vaccine in general. “Everyone [who is coming in to get their shot] is so grateful and happy to be getting the vaccine…[giving vaccines] makes me feel that I am hastening the process by which we will get through this pandemic,” said Gorrin.

Many SHS students may also soon be able to experience entering the doors of the Westchester County Center and receiving their vaccinations as Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that beginning April 6, all people 16 or older will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. “I was surprised that Cuomo made everyone eligible so soon… [but] I’m ecstatic that I’ll be able to get vaccinated,” said Zach Berman ’23.

While SHS students may feel that as soon as they are fully vaccinated, they can attend huge parties and begin acting the same way they did before the pandemic began, doctors warn that even after vaccination, caution must still be exercised. “When I give someone a COVID-19 shot, part of my advice to the vaccine recipient is that they still need to practice social distancing, hand washing, mask-wearing, and they really shouldn’t change their behavior after receiving the vaccine,” explained Gorrin. Similarly to Gorrin, the CDC advises that those who are vaccinated should still practice mask-wearing and social distancing.

Even though masks should still be worn post-vaccination, there is still good reason to get the vaccine. “A lot of people who are vaccine-hesitant have asked the question, ‘If these steps are still necessary, why should I get the vaccine?’ … [because] the vaccine will keep you out of the hospital and from dying,” explained Gorrin.

But some may continue to ask why continue to practice social distancing and mask-wearing if the vaccine offers such great protection? “It is not 100% effective at preventing infection, so you can still contract COVID-19 and spread it to an unvaccinated person, even if you show no symptoms … You should continue to practice social distancing for the greater good,” said Gorrin. He also mentioned that the recent emergence of new COVID-19 variants, which scientists know little about, is another reason to exercise caution.

As more information comes to light, guidelines for vaccinated people may shift. Studies of the effectiveness of vaccines on transmission rates are still ongoing, and results of the studies could alter the recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals. While a sense of normalcy may be returning soon, health experts are adamant that in order for life to progress back to pre-pandemic times, people must remain vigilant and continue to follow public health guidelines, even if they are fully vaccinated.