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SHS academics are highly competitive. Alicia and Amelia discuss how that can affect students psychology.

We Should Talk: Imposter Syndrome

Alicia Xin, Amelia Liu, and Jake Lubin October 17, 2021

  Maroon editors Alicia Xin and Amelia Liu discuss imposter syndrome and its prevalence in the culture of Scarsdale High School.  

In addition to finding success on Broadway, Dear Evan Hansen is now making a name for itself in movie theaters.

Presenting Dear Evan Hansen: From Broadway to Theaters

Drew Siegel October 16, 2021

“Amazing” was the only word that came to mind after I saw the movie “Dear Evan Hansen.” From the emotional rollercoasters, to the character development, director Stephen Chbosky did everything...

Scarsdale High School welcomes the new class presidents!

Meet Your 2021-22 Class Government Leaders

Irene Li and Neha Nayakkar October 15, 2021

The SHS class government was elected on Friday, October 8th. This is what the elected representatives hope to accomplish this year: “This year, I intend to help the Class of 2022 finish off our high...

Comfortable Eye Contact: Halloween Culture

Comfortable Eye Contact: Halloween Culture

Jeremy Suzman October 14, 2021

Jade Herz and Mykaela Madoff on the social conflict surrounding Halloween.

As it gets closer to winter, the lunch situation is unclear.

Where Will Students Eat Lunch During the Winter?

Jack Margolin October 11, 2021

Although SHS students have been able to enjoy a mostly normal school year thus far, lunch has still not returned to its pre-COVID form. It is a key part of everyone’s high school experience to gather...

With the Scarsdale librarys recent opening, Barnes and Nobles must now compete for title of best study location—who will win?

Where to Study: Scarsdale Public Library or Barnes & Noble?

Drew Siegel October 9, 2021

Imagine this: You have a big test tomorrow, but you between your mother watching television in the kitchen and your sister chatting on FaceTime with her friends you just can't focus. So, you need to...

Scarsdale held its annual Global Citizenship Day on October 7, which proved to be a success.

Global Citizenship Day 2021 Proves Successful

Amelia Liu and Daniel Rublin October 9, 2021

By joining a Zoom meeting or sitting in on a webinar, students and teachers spent Scarsdale High School’s ninth annual Global Citizenship Day learning about new cultural perspectives and navigating social...

Opinion editor Emily-Jane Luo weighs in on Scarsdale offering AT courses as opposed to AP classes.

AT Courses: Better or Worse Than APs?

Emily-Jane Luo October 8, 2021

Between the years of 2007 and 2009, Scarsdale High School transitioned from Advanced Placement (AP) to Advanced Topics (AT) courses. Prior to the change, about 70 percent of the 1,500+ students at SHS...

College representatives visit Scarsdale High School throughout the first quarter to help prepare students for their upcoming application deadlines.

College Application Season: College Visits at SHS

Jack Margolin October 8, 2021

The first quarter of the year can be seen as a time for students to connect with their teachers, meet their new classmates, and for some, get accustomed to a new school. For seniors, however, this time...

Students face a new challenge in the lunch room other than the long lines and short periods: line cutters.

Diary of a Lunch Line-Cutter

Lydia Jin October 8, 2021

Dear Diary, Another day, another dozen students robbed of precious minutes at lunchtime. This time, the line extended all the way to the girl’s bathroom behind the cafeteria. As I walked down the...

On Friday, the student section was packed with excited high schoolers as they waited for the game to begin.

Scarsdale’s Nail-Biting Loss to Mamaroneck at Homecoming

Flashing lights, packed bleachers, and the smoke from a barbecue all signaled the start of the annual football homecoming game. Scarsdale’s Varsity Football team was heading into their homecoming game...

The School Government Election is coming up tomorrow during homeroom, get to know a few of your candidates in this article before you cast your vote!

Class Government Elections: Who Is on the Ballot?

Flora Zik October 6, 2021

Throughout the past couple of weeks, Scarsdale High School students have been taping posters up in the hallways and spreading word of their campaigns; that can only mean one thing: election day is upon...

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