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Maroon is Scarsdale High School’s student-run news publication that aims to provide Scarsdale residents with current, relevant, and exciting news. Maroon has been published since 1933. The Maroon recently (2016) transformed from a monthly newspaper to a quarterly glossy magazine. The website is updated weekly. Scarsdale High School is located in Scarsdale, NY.

Maroon Mondays

Maroon‘s site is updated almost every Monday, so check in every week to get the latest news!

How To Join Maroon

Come to Cub Course! Cub Course consists of two consecutive Thursdays where you learn from our managing editors how to write articles. Afterwards, viola! You will be officially a part of Maroon. 🙂  

The Cub Course dates for this spring are to be determined. 

For more information please stop by our Maroon bulletin board, located on the second floor bridge (near the Bio Wing), and grab an information sheet from the manilla folder attached to the board. 

The Staff

Editors-in-Chief: Sneha Dey, Sophie Grippo, and Emily Kopp
Managing Editors: 
Talia Potters and Sammy Thurm
Directors of Photography: Sam Bleiden and Jordan Claman
Layout Designer: Will Lau
Director of Art: Linna Yao
News Editor: Arin Hendell and Amanda Ruzumna
Opinion Editor: Ali Rothberg
Feature Editors: Maya Bharara, Alex Fogel, Lena Glickman, and Caroline Meyer
Sports Editors: Katie Karp and Kelli Rainer
Publicist: Sydney Weinberg
Teacher Advisors: Kendra Claussen and Tom Maguire

Online Quote Check Policy

In print editions of the Maroon, assistant editors are typically assigned to verify the authenticity of quotes with those quoted in each article. On the Maroon website, our goal is to provide our online readers with access to current and intriguing relevant content including photos of school events, student blogs and various other feature pieces regarding school issues, sports, sciences, arts and entertainment, and popular culture. In order to ensure this goal, Maroon has altered its Quote Check Policy to accommodate daily updates for articles published online only. For online articles, Maroon will no longer assign assistant editors to verify quotes with those quoted in each article. If those quoted are unsatisfied with the way their quote appears in the online article, they can address that concern by notifying our staff at [email protected] and requesting a change.

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