Scarsdale High School's daily online news source


Scarsdale High School's daily online news source


Scarsdale High School's daily online news source



Maroon has been Scarsdale High School’s student-run news publication since 1933. In addition to publishing quarterly glossy magazines, the website ( is updated daily.

Scarsdale High School is located at 1057 Post Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583. Scarsdale High School can be contacted at (914) 721-2500 or [email protected]


Editors-in-Chief: Neha Nayakkar, Drew Siegel, Jean Sung

Multimedia Directors: Juliana Chavis, Giana Marks

Managing Editors: Justin Riggi, Jennifer Schwartz

News Editors: Caroline Calvert, Matan Davies, Adam Rublin

Feature Editors: Ethan Karp, Irene Li, Ava Schnipper

Opinion Editors: Elliot Eisenberg, James Liu

Creative Director: Chloe Lee

Head of Layout: Sophia Wu

Teacher Advisor: Kendra Claussen

Mission Statement

Maroon aims to provide Scarsdale residents with relevant news while fostering an environment that encourages civil discourse. We believe there is great power in educating one’s community and only until we do so can we make the most informed decisions.

Online Quote Check Policy

In print editions of the Maroon, assistant editors are typically assigned to verify the authenticity of quotes with those quoted in each article. On the Maroon website, our goal is to provide our online readers with access to current and intriguing relevant content including photos of school events, student blogs, and various other feature pieces regarding school issues, sports, sciences, arts and entertainment, and popular culture. In order to ensure this goal, Maroon has altered its Quote Check Policy to accommodate daily updates for articles published online only. For online articles, Maroon will no longer assign assistant editors to verify quotes with those quoted in each article. If those quoted are unsatisfied with the way their quote appears in the online article, they can address that concern by notifying our staff at [email protected] and requesting a change.

Editorial Policy

Opinions expressed in staff editorials reflect the majority view of Maroon staff. Editorials do not reflect the views of Scarsdale High School School, its administration, or its staff. Op-ed pieces reflect the opinions of individual writers.

We encourage letters and op-ed contributions from the wider Scarsdale community. To submit a piece for consideration for publication, please email it to [email protected]. We reserve the right to edit submitted pieces for clarity, length, spelling, and grammar.

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