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Maroon offers some fashion tips to make sure you enter the 2021-2022 year feeling confident and fashionable!

A “Kick” Start to the School Year

Sydney Miller and Noa Davies September 24, 2021

What better way to start off the school year than with new sneakers? Look no further than Maroon for kick tips. We’ve gathered the trendiest shoes for the fall season and listed them here! Everybody...

The Class of 2022 is the third year of Seniors having their last year of high school impacted due to Covid-19. However, through mask-wearing and other safety precautions, it looks like the Class of 2022 might get a near normal senior experience.

Another Year, Another Senior Experience During a Pandemic

Flora Zik, Feature Editor September 21, 2021

The Class of 2019 was the last class to get a normal senior experience. They got the privilege of having their annual chalking at the beginning of the year, gridlocks in the hallway, having prom, and everything...

Café Alaia is a must-try restaurant that recently relocated to 128 Garth Road in the Scarsdale village.

Café Alaia: A Must Eat

Chelsea Berson and Noa Davies September 21, 2021

Although Café Alaia has been open for a while now, it has been recently relocated to 128 Garth Road in the Scarsdale village. The restaurant has replaced Cooked & Co. in a prime spot with nearby parks,...

SHS bids farewell to several dedicated staff members as we enter the 2021-2022 school year.

An Ode to SHS’s 2020 Retired Faculty

Flora Zik, Feature Editor September 21, 2021

Last year, SHS lost several important members of the community due to retirement. Included in this loss was Ms.Rifelli, office assistant, along with two other office assistants Ms. Frusciante and Ms. Koulouris...

Maroon brings you style tips to keep you on trend for the summer months!

Maroon Brings You 7 Summer Style Suggestions

Sydney Miller and Chelsea Berson June 10, 2021

Summer 2021 is officially here! And, what better way to celebrate than styling with the help of Maroon! Beaded Jewelry is a large contributor to this summer’s style. Pair a beaded choker with some...

Steven Lee 21, one of the top golfers at SHS, is featured in Golf Magazine.

Golf Magazine Features SHS Lee ’21

Audrey Schonfeld, June 10, 2021

Scarsdale High School Boys’ Golf Co-Captain Steven Lee ’21 is not only accomplished in local golf circles, but also across the United States. In the June edition of Golf Magazine, Lee and his coach...

Scarsdale High School Seniors take on passion projects as part of their last year of high school.

Seniors Take On Passion Projects

Julia Assa June 7, 2021

Scarsdale’s Senior Options program is a cherished Senior tradition at the high school. Although the school year ends in mid-June, seniors finished classes a month earlier. For the remainder of the year,...

After a busy year, lets recap the changes SHS government made and the success they achieved!

A Year In Review: What has the SHS Student Government Been Up to?

Flora Zik, June 1, 2021

This past school year has been strange for all of us; however, the SHS student government has adapted to the situation and found creative ways to connect the SHS community, give back to Westchester, and...

The ASL club teaches new members the basics of the language.

Scarsdale’s ASL Club Welcomes New Members

Isabella Frank and Vrinda Pareek May 29, 2021

With the full in-person schedule comes new clubs. Namely, the new American Sign Language club, which seeks to teach the predominant language that the deaf community communicates with. According to the...

As summer nears, heres a bucket list written by the Maroon Staff for fun things to do this summer.

Maroon’s Summer Bucket List

Chelsea Berson May 12, 2021

It’s time to trade in those school books and homework because summer is heading for Scarsdale, New York. As temperatures rise and the sun sets later and later, here are some enjoyable things to do this...

Virtual teachers start to come back to school as the vaccine becomes more readily available.

All-Virtual Teachers Come Back to School

Crowded hallways. Cramped staircases. Full classrooms. These novelties following the pandemic have arrived with yet another schedule change on April 19th. The return to five-day school weeks and the announcement...

Sometimes taking a break from the screen can do wonders.

Seven Non-Virtual Things to Do During Quarantine

Olivia Gao May 12, 2021

Ever since the start of the pandemic, simply going outside and hanging out with friends has been difficult. There are so many extra safety measures that need to be taken from sanitizing and mask-wearing...

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