Quaker Ridge School closes for the day after two students exhibited possible symptoms of COVID-19.
QRS is Remote For the Day After Potential COVID-19 Cases Arise
Alexandra Chu October 15, 2020

At around 8:15 AM on Thursday, Scarsdale families received an email explaining that students attending Quaker Ridge School would not go to school that day. Earlier that morning, two students at QRS woke up with mild symptoms of COVID-19. Upon learning this information, the school district decided to close the school for the day.  “In consultation with our District Physician, we have decided to...

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Desks are six feet apart as a result of social distancing guidelines.
Hybrid Model Poses Hybrid Opinions
Sydney Piccoli October 15, 2020

After a long summer of meticulous planning for the school year, the Scarsdale High School administration has finally had a chance to see their plan in action. SHS has returned to its busy atmosphere, but students are now rushing through the hallways from class to class wearing masks, while teachers are adapting to teaching while remaining only in the front of their classrooms.  Scarsdale High...

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Teachers express their opinions on the merits and demerits of hybrid learning.
To Go or Not to Go (to School): Teachers Edition
Alicia Xin and Katherine Shi September 8, 2020

In early August, Scarsdale High School released an email about potential plans for school reopening. They announced two options: hybrid learning, which is a combination of both remote and in-person learning; and fully-remote learning, a refined version of the e-learning system SHS adopted in the wake of stay-at-home policies in March 2020.  Many students and parents have already voiced their opinions...

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In episode four of the Pandemic Podcast, we brought up your tough questions and concerns about the upcoming school year.
Reopening Plan: Explained - Pandemic Podcast Ep. 4
Leah Breakstone and Ariel Weinsaft August 24, 2020

Shs Maroon · Reopening Plan: Explained - Pandemic Podcast Ep. 4 Episode four of the pandemic podcast features an exclusive interview with Scarsdale high school principal Mr. Kenneth Bonamo, in response to the released reopening plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Throughout the decision-making process of how the school would be reopened, there were few opportunities for us, the students, to ask...

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With limited testing options for incoming applicants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools have considered going test optional, or even announcing they will not consider standardized tests in their admissions process.
Test Optional Movement amid Covid-19
Emily-Jane Luo July 22, 2020

A record number of colleges are joining more than 1,100 others that have already dropped standardized test scores for entrance, according to the National Center for Fair and Open Testing. That is nearly half of 2,400 four-year colleges in the nation. Many colleges cited the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellations of SAT/ACT spring testings as a catalyst and did not plan to adopt these policies permanently....

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DMV in person transactions, such as road test, will resume in phase 3 of reopening.
Getting Back on the Road: The DMV Reopening
Jolie Kantor June 17, 2020

All Sophomores and Juniors at SHS have something in common: their excitement and anticipation to drive. The freedom that comes with this privilege is exhilarating and well-desired. However, during this pandemic, SHS students have not been able to access the DMV to take their road tests and permit tests. The DMV’s closure has been difficult for many students. “It’s frustrating because I was...

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Chat, a restaurant in Scarsdale village, is among many local restaurants who have started serving food outdoors.
Scarsdale Enters Phase 2 of Reopening
Lilac Lin June 16, 2020

On June 8, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York City could begin to reopen, while other counties such as Westchester would cautiously enter phase two of the recovery. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, local businesses and other non-essential companies have struggled to stay afloat in their efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus. Phase 2 signifies that hair salons, office workers,...

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Scenes from a New Normal is one of the first films to be produced entirely over Zoom.
Scenes from a New Normal
Jake Lubin June 5, 2020

Scenes from a New Normal is a documentary that captures the Coronavirus pandemic through the lens of one town: Scarsdale, New York. After over 25 interviews and 38 hours of footage, the final film compiles the stories of students, administrators, business owners, patients, and doctors. Behind the scenes, all production and interviews were done via Zoom, making it one of the first films to have done...

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