Scenes from a New Normal

Jake Lubin | June 5, 2020

Scenes from a New Normal is a documentary that captures the Coronavirus pandemic through the lens of one town: Scarsdale, New York. After over 25 interviews and 38 hours of footage, the final film compiles the stories of students, administrators, business owners, patients, and doctors. Behind the scenes, all production and interviews were done via Zoom, making it one of the first films to have done...

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SHS Maintains Traditional Grading Policy For Second Semester

Lilac Lin | June 4, 2020

On April 3rd, Scarsdale High School made the decision to stick with traditional letter grades for the remainder of the school year. Because coronavirus has upheaved so many aspects of daily life, many high schoolers believe the administration should alter the grading system and make it more lenient and fitting to current circumstances. Grant Schechtman ’20, a senior at SHS, started a petition on...

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Teachers Take: Teaching during COVID-19

Hayley Harrison | June 1, 2020

With the Scarsdale Schools District doing everything they can to help our community during these difficult times, many are wondering the impacts of eLearning on the school curriculum and how teachers are managing the change. SHS English teacher Kimberly Summerfield has opened up about what it’s like to be teaching during the pandemic. For both students and teachers, adjusting to eLearning has...

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Quarantine in Photos

Maroon Staff | May 29, 2020

With more free time than usual, students have been able to enjoy time with their families and pick up new hobbies they did not have time to pursue before the Pandemic. Check out a few activities the Maroon staff has been up to.

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Maroon on the Mic Ep3: Unprecedented Times Call For Unprecedented Changes To Senior Traditions

Leah Breakstone and Ariel Weinsaft | May 28, 2020

This podcast features an exclusive interview with former Maroon Editors-in-Chief, Alison Chan, and Lucy Brenner '20. Discussion in this podcast ranges from reactions to changes in graduation and prom traditions, as well as the Senior Passion Project programs that Chan and Brenner are participating in, taking the place of what would have been their Senior Options. Shs Maroon · Maroon on the Mic...

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The 2020 AP Pan(dem)ic

Emily Wang and Hyunjin Lee | May 25, 2020

Long AP tests are always sources of stress, but this year, with the ongoing pandemic, they have been moved online; surprisingly decreasing the stress levels for many students. The tests used to be three hours but were shortened to just forty-five minutes this year, cutting out almost half of the curriculum. Additionally, the tests were transferred to open-note, similar to many other non-AP tests. The...

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States Make the Decision to Slowly Reopen

Lilac Lin | May 18, 2020

Social distancing has undoubtedly created chaos in our daily lives. Coronavirus has not only forced businesses to close, but mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are also on the rise. In the beginning, stopping the spread of the highly infectious COVID-19 made it necessary for cities to be shut down and non-essential workers to stay at home. Three months later, many states are beginning...

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Scarsdale Fire Department Provides a Birthday to Remember!

Flora Zik | May 15, 2020

A birthday is usually a day of celebration that you look forward to the whole year. During this time of social distancing, however, many of us are unable to celebrate our birthdays by having a party or by visiting friends and family. With nowhere to go, the day that you have been looking forward to all year can become a day of disappointment. Fortunately, the Scarsdale Fire Department has decided to...

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