More than 140,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered at the Westchester County Center.
141,667 Shots
Daniel Rublin March 30, 2021

141,667 is a big number. 141,667 is also the number that is currently displayed on the big blue screen inside the Westchester County Center below the words “VACCINATIONS TO DATE!” The Westchester County Center, which was once used for local events, has been turned into a state-run mass vaccination site that is less than five miles from Scarsdale High School. Since then, the building has been one...

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SHS Teachers Reflect on their COVID-19 Vaccine Experiences
SHS Teachers Reflect on their COVID-19 Vaccine Experiences
Emily-Jane Luo, • March 27, 2021

A century ago, the Spanish influenza of 1918 wreaked havoc on the education of children across the United States. Most schools closed for four months, with only New York City and Chicago remaining open. Scientists grappled with their task of analyzing the limited information on infectious diseases and trying to manage the crisis without antibiotics. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, school closures...

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COVID-19 vaccines for adolescents and children under sixteen have yet to be approved, leading to concerns for some.
Should Freshmen Worry About Not Receiving the Vaccine?
Ryan Jiang March 26, 2021

As COVID-19 vaccines are approved and become more accessible, teenagers who are sixteen and older now have at least one option for a vaccine. However, this may worry parents and students as no vaccine has yet been approved for those that are younger than sixteen. Some are concerned that with the vaccine, students aged sixteen and over will start to act recklessly and become superspreaders of the virus....

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The governors of Texas and Mississippi have lifted their Coronavirus mask mandate in their states. What does this mean for the world?
Optimistic or Misinformed: Texas and Mississippi Remove Mask Mandate
Ryan Jiang March 12, 2021

As a year has passed since the pandemic started, people all over the world still continue to wear masks and follow COVID-19 prevention guidelines set by government officials. However, as time goes by and even throughout the course of the pandemic, certain people have been discontent with having to wear masks and social distance and some people have been unable to see its benefits.  As of Tuesday,...

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The FDA introduced Johnson & Johnson, the third company to create a successful COVID-19 vaccine yesterday, on February 27th.
F.D.A. Approves Johnson & Johnson’s Single-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine
Daniel Rublin February 28, 2021

As COVID-19 cases in the United States rapidly decline and the vaccine rollout continues, a new sense of hope is in the air. Moving along this path to recovery, the FDA approved the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use on February 27th, the third COVID-19 vaccine to pass the rigorous testing process in the United States. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine’s approval is a crucial...

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On March 8th 2021, SHS plans to have students, on their respective cohort days, go back to full-day in person classes.
How Does SHS Feel about the Updated March 8th Schedule?
Katherine Shi and Alicia Xin February 27, 2021

Almost one year after the nationwide switch to online learning, Scarsdale High School plans to have students return to full day in-person classes starting from March 8. Many people have mixed opinions about this change; they have concerns ranging from increased exposure to COVID-19 to the loss of synchronous zoom instruction. An email was sent to students and parents on Friday, February 26 confirming...

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Students will attend two full in-person days starting March 8th.
Open-Campus Policy, School Lunches, and Full Days: Everything You Need to Know About SHS’ Increased In-Person Time
Ella Hayes and Irene Li February 22, 2021

For almost a year, Scarsdale High School has experimented with various schedules, techniques, and platforms for learning. From cross-cohort live streaming to half-days, Zoom classes to a full virtual model, the administration, teachers, parents, and students have learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work in our pandemic environment. For the majority of this school year, families and faculty...

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In-person attendance can boost mental health and physical health while creating a sustainable COVID-safe lifestyle for the community, yet half of us stay home. We need to do better—and so does the administration.
Overcoming Inertia: Why We Must Return To School
Josh Bock February 8, 2021

Inertia, as I learned during my in-person physics class, is the tendency of mass to resist acceleration, or, more broadly, the tendency to resist change. Right now, too many Scarsdale High School students are victims of inertia. When I walk into class in the morning, if I’m lucky, the group joining me is barely large enough to form a basketball team. In some classes, we’d be stuck with a doubles...

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