WandaVision: the new teleVISION series


Maroon Staff

WandaVision takes place in an alternate universe formed by Wanda, which includes a version of Vision from Wanda’s imagination (as Vision died in Endgame). 

Jolie Kantor

After news of the delay of Marvel’s Black Widow movie earlier this year, all of us Marvel fans have been patiently awaiting the next release. Finally, during the Emmy Awards a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised by the trailer for the new WandaVision TV series on Disney+. 

At first glance, I was underwhelmed by the trailer. Without any background knowledge on the plot of the WandaVision series, the trailer does not seem to have the same action and intensity of other Marvel movies. However, this series will not be remotely similar to any previous Marvel film. The show will take place in an alternate universe formed by Wanda, which will include a version of Vision from Wanda’s imagination (as Vision died in Endgame). 

From the beginning of the trailer, you learn that Wanda and Vision are living in a “happy” sitcom-like altered reality. Things in this new reality seem very simple, until a couple at dinner asks Wanda and Vision why they moved, why they don’t have children, and how long they have been married. At this instance, you begin to see the twist in this seemingly perfect world – Wanda and Vision cannot answer this question, and you realize that maybe they don’t know how they got into this world. 

Things get even more complicated when we are introduced to two new characters that will likely play large roles throughout the series. One character, played by Kathryn Hahn, seems to know more about this reality than others, for she somehow knows that Vision is dead. There are some very mysterious features in the trailer, such as this “trance” that Hahn is in before Vision wakes her and learns that he is dead, or an interdimensional portal that a new character is sent through, either entering or exiting this reality.

Many theories can be found on the Internet to understand this trailer, but one thing is clear: this will be a show of many new concepts, twists, and turns. I, for one, cannot wait to see what this series holds.