The Fifth Annual Scarsdale Youth Art Show Features Talented Artists

Caroline Calvert and Eimaan Bilal

Recently, some students from SHS including Olivia Liu ’23, Crystal Feng ’22, Rena Wang ’22, and Isabelle Zhu ’25 worked with the Scarsdale Public Library to bring us their annual breathtaking Scarsdale Youth Art Show exhibit (SYAS).

Held in the Scott Room, the fifth annual Scarsdale Youth Art Show is a curation of different types of media and artwork from artists all around Scarsdale. “A lot of submissions are from Scarsdale artists, but we also have artists submitting from Long Island and different parts of Connecticut,” explained SYAS president Olivia Liu ’23. “We have artists as young as 7th grade shown at our show and we also have artwork from high school graduates,” explained Liu.

The submission process to curate this exhibit was fairly simple, bringing in a multitude of different media and artists. Coordinators ask for the different logistics of the artwork, such as the title, size, and mediums used. Artists also had the opportunity to write a short description of their artwork. “We received submissions up until the very end of the deadline. The curation process couldn’t really start until the week before the exhibition was up,” said Liu. The artists were able to choose whether or not they wanted to be a part of the physical show or virtual show, both of which are still on display. 

The SYAS is also determined to include younger artists so they can present their work and gain recognition. Unfortunately, there aren’t many opportunities for aspiring artists to showcase their abilities, which can be discouraging, to say the least. But, Liu ’23 made it clear that she is passionate about the cause. “Growing up, I didn’t really have that many opportunities to showcase my art as a young artist,” reminisced Liu. “Seeing your artwork up on a wall is an amazing feeling,” she added.

Another aspect of the exhibit is the annual art auction. One part of the auction, the silent auction, will be held through spreadsheets, and if a buyer is interested in the artwork, they would fill out their contact information and write in their bidding price. The silent auction closes on December 11, and the final live auction will start on the same day to anybody who wishes to partake. All the earnings from the art auction will be donated to support the Scarsdale Public Library maker space initiative.

With that being said, the show will be open to the public until December 11th. Then, the art will be returned to the artists and certificates will be awarded to participants. If anyone is interested in supporting the arts, please stop by the Scott Room in the Scarsdale Public Library. If you are unable to view this exhibit in person, or if you’re interested in learning more about the different artwork listed, you can visit the online exhibit site at