Sweetgreen Sweetens the Scarsdale Dining Scene


Drew Siegel

The new Scarsdale location of Sweetgreen can deliver food to any nearby location in only about 25 minutes.

Drew Siegel

Everyone always goes on and on about how amazing Sweetgreen was, but I found it hard to believe that anything could ever beat a fresh and delicious salad from Chopt. Sweetgreen already had a location in Greenwich so I was dying to go there and try it. While I was placing my order, I noticed there were definitely fewer options than at Chopt, but there were definitely enough to create the most incredible salad I had ever had. I filled it with kale, carrots, grilled chicken, and tortilla chips topped with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It was the perfect combination of crunch topped with an immense amount of freshness. After that day, a Chopt salad has never tasted the same again. 


When my mom notified me that Sweetgreen would be opening just 10 minutes away from my house right down Post Road in the Vernon Hills Shopping Center, I practically jumped for joy. Sweetgreen finally opened on January 25, and when I tried it again, the salad was even better than I remembered. 


I decided to experiment and get the same salad that I get from Sweetgreen at Chopt, to see if it was maybe that I was ordering wrong. When I tried the salad, it didn’t have that same fresh sensation as the Sweetgreen salad. I think a major part of that is because the lettuce is typically more moist at Chopt, which tends to make the other ingredients such as the tortilla chips soggy. Second, I believe that when kale is overly chopped, it doesn’t mix as well with the other ingredients. 


Sweetgreen is a great addition to the Scarsdale dining scene and it is definitely worth a try!