SHS Juniors Supporting Black Lives Matter

SHS Junior Simran Ruta designs masks for her Black Lives Matter fundraiser.

Simran Ruta '21

SHS Junior Simran Ruta designs masks for her Black Lives Matter fundraiser.

Sydney Piccoli

As police brutality is becoming increasingly prevalent in daily life, America’s youth is being proactive in combating racism and supporting the Black Lives Matter organization. Social media platforms are flooded with students promoting petitions to sign, organizations to donate to, and protests to attend. Scarsdale High School students are no exception to this new wave of youth that wants to fight against the racism that has plagued our society. For example, Simran Ruta and Jeffrey Morse, two SHS juniors, have collaboratively created a Black Lives Matter fundraiser in which they sell masks that are twenty dollars each in a variety of sizes that either say “Black Lives Matter” or “Silence is Violence.” 

“My dad owns an apparel company and they had been selling masks to raise money for healthcare workers. I told him that I did not feel that I was doing enough by donating my own money to various charities, so he suggested selling masks! I thought it was a really good idea since many people are protesting and have to wear masks anyway,” explained Ruta. After they are shipped to her house, Simran Ruta has to package them while taking the necessary precautions and, with the help of Jeffery Morse, deliver them to the buyers.

All the proceeds go directly to the Marshall Project, the National Police Accountability Project, or the Until Freedom Organization depending on where the buyer wants to donate it. “What I really want to do is raise awareness. In my fundraiser, I provided links to three different charities. I’m really hoping people read into what they do – their missions and courses of action – and learn some more about the movement,” commented Ruta. 

“The project has been relatively successful. I was not expecting too many orders, just some from my friends, but because each mask costs $20, that’s $20 going to charity and the numbers can add up quickly,” concluded Ruta.