SHS Fantasy Football Punishments

Jake Lubin, Writer

Photo Credit: Will Salazar

This past December, dozens of fantasy football warriors fought their final battle of week 17 to receive the shocking news that they had come in last place in their league. To make things worse, many of them would be required to fulfill the harsh fantasy football punishments required by their league.

These punishments range from mild to severe, including consuming a disgusting meal, wearing a strange clothing item, posting embarrassing social media content, and completely shaving off one’s hair. Here are some of the punishments SHS students have faced:

On Tuesday, January 29th, Will Salazar ’22 (left), who placed last in his league, came to school wearing a tank top, skirt, and blonde wig. He faced friendly ridicule from his friends, who posted photos of his attire on social media. 



Andrew Bernstein ’19 (below), another fallen fantasy footballer, was taken by the other members of his league to get a spray tan. He had to get the farthest possible shade from his natural skin color as his friends documented the entire experience on Snapchat. He was then required to set up a lemonade stand in the village midwinter.

Before (Photo Credit: Andrew Bernstein)
After (Photo Credit: Andrew Bernstein)













On Sunday, February 3rd, during the halftime show of the 53rd Super Bowl, Jonah Rosenstein ’22, a proclaimed fantasy football flop, sat down in front of a colossal raw onion to face his judgment. According to the league’s punishments, Jonah was required to fully consume the onion and all remaining onion particles that were left over after the process. The link below is a highlight reel of Jonah’s punishment:

Fantasy football is quickly becoming a popular American pastime and tradition. Although the punishments used by many fantasy leagues seem designed to humiliate their victims, it’s all in good fun and humor. At the end of the day, these ridiculous punishments are bonding experiences and memories for everyone involved to laugh about.