Scarsdale Music Festival Brings Back Summer Vibes


Maroon Staff

The Modtones perform “Caravan” by Duke Ellington at the festival.

James Liu

On Saturday, June 4, the 2nd Annual Scarsdale Music Festival commenced in an atmosphere of activity and excitement. This event took place in multiple locations, including Chase Road, Spencer Place, and Harwood Court in Scarsdale Village. From 12-6 pm, Scarsdale’s residents enjoyed a day full of live performances, food, and many other activities.

The Scarsdale Music Festival tied the community together with passionate local musicians doing what they love to do the most: making music. Several bands, such as The Modtones and Louise in Trouble, performed throughout the day on the main stage. 

The Scarsdale Music Festival also featured a selection of foods from many local restaurants. There were also family activities, such as balloon artists and lawn games, for younger kids to enjoy. In addition, Friends of Music and the Arts had arts & crafts for children to have a hands-on experience creating artworks, and Hoff Barthelson Music School hosted an interactive music display. There were many people bustling around, and the activities ranged from hand tattoos to tours given by the Scarsdale Police and Fire Department.

This year’s music festival is for a good cause as they are supporting the nonprofit Feeding Westchester. Feeding Westchester provides food for those who are less fortunate, it has given out over 10 million pounds of food in just 2019 alone. 

The entire day was full of positive vibes. One spectator commented that “live music, especially after two years of being away, gives you a special feeling that words cannot describe.” The air was full of joy and the shouts of children. Overall, this festival is a signal to the end of the Covid era and the beginning of one with positive energy and upward growth.