New Beginnings for 2021


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Discover new ways to stay happy and healthy in 2021!

Lydia Jin and Riddha Iyengar

Many of us create New Year’s resolutions—most of which we try our best to keep. As a society, the goal has been to get rid of COVID-19 as soon as possible, but there’s only so much an individual can do to help. While we sit home, follow regulations, and wait for this all to blow over, it’s important for everyone to keep achievable aspirations in mind for themselves as well. Here are some New Year’s resolution ideas to kickstart your 2021. 


Declutter Your Environment

Sarah Brown, Unsplash

These days, students are spending most of their time at desks, beds, or in the kitchen. It’s easy to become disorganized when constantly working. As a result, one’s space may become cluttered. What’s more, is that your mind will become cluttered. To stay on top of things, it would be helpful to allow your brain to immerse itself in an orderly environment. This can include tidying your closet, your workspace, or your bedroom.



At a time like this when people are being so cautious of germs and viruses, it’s crucial not to forget that there are many other ways we can modify our lifestyles to stay healthy—not just sanitize and wear masks. For example, taking up a regular physical activity or choosing to be more conscious of what you eat. You might also try meditation or yoga to calm the mind. Sleeping, something a teenager never seems to get enough of these days, is also a game-changer. Getting a good night’s sleep will lift your mood and give you more motivation. Perhaps making it a point to get to bed at an earlier time or restrict the number of devices in your room at night will help get you the rest you need to feel energized for the day. “My New Year’s resolution is to prioritize enjoyment in life this year and be open to exploration. As a senior, my schedule is a lot more liberating this new year and I want to spend the free time I have doing things that I find fulfilling for myself. Physically, that includes running, exercising, and doing more workout challenges with friends and riding my newly bought skateboard” says Vivian Guo, ’21.

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Expand your horizons

To make things more interesting, it might be worth shifting your line of vision away from your phone and those addictive TikTok videos to somewhere a bit more enriching. Educate yourself on things that you’re passionate about, or if you don’t know where your passions lie—find them! Guo tells us how she tries to expand her “intellectual horizon” by reading more. “I’ve already read 3 books this month so it’s going pretty well,” she says. You could also try listening to some informative podcasts, or making it a habit to check the news when you wake up in the morning.


Be more social

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Being more social doesn’t necessarily mean putting yourself out there and making lots of new friends. If you are feeling bold, go ahead, but if not you can try to rekindle old relationships or hang out more with current friends to keep yourself sane. Especially during times of isolation, our nature is to have physical (or virtual in this case) contact. As human beings, we need all the social interactions we can get! Try facetiming your friends, connect by virtually watching a movie together (a Netflix party), or meet face to face (remember to be safe and follow protocols). 


Step out of your comfort zone

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard this. Stepping out of your comfort zone can cause some anxiety for many people, but often, those who do it report feeling happier. Already, students are taxed with a life of class-homework-sleep-repeat, and especially now that many have opted for online learning, the process can feel mundane and tedious. By reaching outside of your little bubble, you can acquire new skills that you might

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find enjoyable, not to mention useful. For example, you may pick up coding (we recommend going to Codecademy), journaling, learning a new language, learning a new instrument, or if you’re feeling profound—writing poetry.  


All in all, the best thing you can do for yourself is simply to set attainable, realistic goals that you believe will make you happy. Following the trainwreck that was 2020, we should all do what we can to make 2021 much more pleasant. Don’t go into 2021 with a negative mindset, but rather a positive attitude. Remember to breathe and take a break—don’t be too hard on yourself. By trying to incorporate these tips into your daily routine, you can drastically change your life and well-being for the better!