Meet Your 2021-22 Class Government Leaders

Irene Li and Neha Nayakkar

The SHS class government was elected on Friday, October 8th. This is what the elected representatives hope to accomplish this year:

This year, I intend to help the Class of 2022 finish off our high school experience with a number of fun events, such as Halloween and prom. I also hope to plan other events and fundraisers in between to both fund prom and raise our class bond during this final year. Finally, I encourage anyone with suggestions on what they would like from us to approach me or any other member of our class government. Thank you all and Glory to Scarsdale.” -Spencer Krivo Class of 2022 President

“I am Karen Becher and I am your class of 2025 House Representative! I am eager to hear everyone’s ideas and thoughts to make this school a better place for everyone. I know we are all so excited for the awesome year ahead of us. An idea for this year is to have more freshmen spirit days. One of my main goals for this year is to make sure everyone is involved in this.” -Karen Becher Class of 2025 House Representative

“This year, I hope to bring the 10th grade together for exciting and fun grade-wide activities.  I am looking forward to hearing from all of my classmates and making a difference.  I am very excited to be your 10th grade class President! :)” -Claudia Rosenberg Class of 2024 President

“As secretary of tenth grade, my goal is to create a fun environment for the class of 2024, especially coming off of a year adversely impacted by the pandemic. I hope to take into account suggestions from everyone, in order to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. I can’t wait for the amazing year ahead!!!” -Abby Etra Class of 2024 Secretary

“As vice president, I will listen to my classmates’ ideas and make them a reality. I will also try to ban plastic water bottles in the cafeteria, and replace them with a more sustainable solution. Lastly, I will make sure to have many fun events such as Dunkin’ Donuts, themed days, better snacks in the cafeteria and Bonamici. I can’t wait for this year and I am so excited to be this year’s freshman vice president!!” -Elizabeth Waxman Class of 2025 Vice President

“I can’t wait to continue with the school’s success in eco-friendliness. Also, this year, I want to not only hold a lot of fun activities for the grade, but I also want to make sure that they are of high quality. We need to compensate for last year because our years in high school are limited and we need to make every single one count!” -Mihir Barlinge Class of 2023