Grammys 2021: Here’s What You Need to Know


Maroon Staff

The Grammys is the most prestigious and most watched music award show in America and yesterday was no different.

Alexandra Chu

With 84 different categories and countless performances, the Grammys is the most prestigious and most watched music award show in America. This year’s ceremony is no different as millions of people tune in to watch their favorite artists perform and win awards. Without further ado, here are some of the most important events and questions from tonight:

Harry Styles Opens the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards

With a performance of his track “Watermelon Sugar,” Harry Styles kicked off the annual ceremony with a bang. Dressed in a leather suit and a boa, the singer left fans and fellow celebrities alike swooning over him. Nominated in three categories, he has already won the Best Pop Solo Performance award which marks the singer’s very first Grammy. Even if Styles doesn’t win the other two awards, his fans are definitely sleeping happily tonight. 

Will Beyoncé Become the Most Grammy Winning Female Artist?

This year, Beyoncé was nominated for nine awards including Record of the Year and Best Rap Song. Earlier tonight, she won Best Music Video for “Brown Skin Girl” with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, who is now the second youngest person ever to win a Grammy. With twenty seven Grammys under her belt at the time of this writing, Beyoncé is tied with Alison Krauss, the current female artist with the most Grammy awards.

K-Pop Fans Are Angry Again

BTS made history when they became the first Korean act to be nominated for a Grammy award. Even though their hit song “Dynamite” has been massively successful in America over the past few months, the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award ended up going to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain On Me” instead. Taking to social media, members of BTS’s fanbase ARMY have been expressing their outrage and disappointment. However, K-Pop fans are still looking forward to BTS’s performance later tonight as they comfort each other with a powerful quote written in an article by Forbes Magazine last year. “But as BTS continue smashing records and the Grammys continue to lose relevance, who really needs who?” 

The Weeknd Boycotts the Grammys

Following The Weeknd’s amazing performance at the Super Bowl last month, people were extremely confused when his new album “After Hours” wasn’t nominated for any Grammys, an opinion mirrored by the artist himself. Calling the Grammys “corrupt” on social media, The Weeknd vowed to boycott the award show forever, and he said that he would not be submitting his music for the Grammys anymore.

The Grammys is causing happiness and disappointment everywhere on the internet right now, but we’ll just have to wait and see to find out who else will or will not win tonight.