Galeano Brothers Lead SHS Soccer Team to Playoff Run



The Galeano Brothers bring energy and brotherly love to Scarsdale High School’s Varsity soccer team.

Daniel Rublin

When one looks at the roster of this year’s SHS Varsity Soccer Team, they might notice that two players have the same last name. Nico Galeano ’23 and Lorenzo Galeano ’25, two of the team’s star players, are brothers and their dynamic duo lights up the soccer field. Their lifelong close bond translated to chemistry on the soccer field this season, which helped lead the team to a Section 1 Championship Game appearance.

When Nico Galeano first found out that his little brother was on the team with him, he was ecstatic. “I saw the coach talking to Lorenzo at the tryout, and when Lorenzo turned around and pumped his fist, I knew he made the team,” stated Galeano. Nico Galeano had never played on the same team as his brother before. “I had been waiting to play with Lorenzo for a while, so I was thrilled that it could finally happen,” explained Galeano. Nico Galeano and his brother have practiced soccer together their entire lives, so the pairing was a long time coming.

The brothers quickly formed a rapport on the soccer field. “We played decently well together from the start,” said Nico Galeano. While their chemistry at the beginning of the year was good, their play together improved massively toward the end of the season. “There really wasn’t a time that we played badly together, but the beginning wasn’t nearly as good as the end of the year,” Galeano explained.

SHS students enjoyed watching the brothers play. Some students have found the brotherly love heartwarming. “I find it wholesome that the two brothers are playing and starting together,” said Colin Michael ’23. “It’s inspirational to watch,” he added. 

The brothers have a close bond off of the field as well. “We have a lot of the same interests and we hang out together all the time,” stated Nico Galeano. The brothers have even started a charity organization together called Pa’lante that aims to help less fortunate kids through the lens of soccer and physical activity in general.

By the end of the season, the brothers were playing the best soccer of their lives. Nico Galeano was the leading scorer for the SHS variety soccer team this regular season, and Lorenzo Galeano was the second leading scorer and drew numerous penalties. “We each scored three times in our first three playoff matches, which was a surreal experience,” said Galeano. “Lorenzo assisted me on one goal, and our parents were ecstatic,” he explained.

Lorenzo Galeano was recently featured on the cover of the Scarsdale Inquirer. “We cut out the picture of Lorenzo in the newspaper,” said Lorenzo Galeano. “He’s living the dream and he couldn’t be happier,” he added. Nico Galeano has also received praise for his leadership and efforts this season, as he was recently elected to be one of the team’s three captains for the upcoming season.

The SHS Varsity Soccer team made a run in the Section 1 playoffs, though they eventually lost in the Section 1 finals to Mamaroneck. The teamwork and talent displayed by the Galeano brothers and the rest of the team this season will not soon be forgotten.