Club Spotlight: SHS’ New Squash Team


Daniel Hochberg

The squash team members pose for a photo at the Westchester Squash Academy.

Grace Cheng and Alicia Xin

Following an exciting spring season, many sports teams are now revving up for the wintertime. Among the newest additions to Scarsdale’s club roster is the Squash Team, bringing a popular international sport to the high school for the first time. “It’s really exciting that squash is becoming recognized as a sport here at SHS,” says Daniyal Naeem ‘25.  “I’m glad I can begin to play squash, even though this is my first year in high school.” 

The game first developed in 19th century Europe. Although considered more of a niche sport in the United States, currently, almost 20 million people play it in over 185 countries. It’s especially popular in countries like Egypt and England. With a racquet, a squash ball, and a squash court, anyone can learn the rules and techniques of the game. The objective is to receive points by hitting a small rubber ball against the wall such that the opponent cannot play a valid return.  

The Scarsdale squash team has been practicing together for over two weeks now. “Normally, squash is an individual sport, but being able to play as a team makes us feel more connected,” says Hochberg. Many schools in the nation, especially private schools, have squash teams, who compete together in league tournaments. “ [We’re] very excited to be able to compete against other schools now that we are part of a league,” adds Naeem.  

Even before official club status, its members have been playing the sport for a dedicated period of time. “My mom and my aunt used to play squash in college,” says Daniel Hochberg ‘23.  “I […] began playing it in 3rd grade.“  Naeem also began playing squash at a young age.   “I played squash on and off with my dad for a while, but I didn’t begin playing it seriously until I was in 4th grade,” says Naeem.  Dichter agrees, adding, “I also didn’t begin playing squash seriously until I was about 8 or 9 years old, but now I can’t stop.”

Practices are at the Westchester Squash Academy in Mamaroneck on Sundays from 12 to 1:30 in the afternoon.  The squash team’s first match is at StreetSquash in New York City in early December, and anyone can watch and support the team.  

If you are interested in joining the squash team, you can email them at [email protected] and follow them at shs_squash on Instagram.