Club Spotlight: Breast Cancer Awareness Club



Through the Breast Cancer Awareness Club, Ava Schnipper ’24 hopes to educate the SHS community on this important issue.

Toby White

A new addition to the Scarsdale High School club roster this year is the return of the Breast Cancer Awareness Club. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world, affecting hundreds of thousands of women every year. Many members of the SHS community have been affected by this disease in one way or another. One of these people, Ava Schnipper ’24, found out last year that her mother had a gene mutation in her BRCA gene, which would make her more susceptible to breast cancer. Schnipper was concerned about her mother and so she decided to take action. “I did some research, and I’ve always been interested in biology, and I realized that it is more common than I thought,” Schnipper explained. Schnipper reached out to two of her close friends, Ariella Sobel ’24 and Julia Kossakowski ’24, to see if they were interested in helping her lead the club.  

The club has a long list of goals that they wish to accomplish, the main ones being fundraising and spreading awareness. Schnipper wanted to emphasize the importance of education on this topic, and plans “to make some sort of guide that talks about how to prevent breast cancer.” The club is also planning to invite a speaker to come to SHS and talk about how the disease works and methods of prevention.  Another way they plan to raise awareness is by having the football players wear breast cancer awareness stickers on their helmets during the homecoming football game. Additionally, the club will be hosting various fundraising events, such as bracelet sales and bake sales, throughout the school year. 

So far, the club has gotten off to a good start, and they would love to have more people join. The Breast Cancer Awareness club meets every other Tuesday after school, in Room 335 (LRC room) advised by Mr. Feld.  You can contact the club with any questions at [email protected] or 914-374-0993.