Bowling: That’s how Kulick rolls.


Maroon Staff

The girls bowling team played well at their final tournament this past Wednesday.

Sydney Milller

The girls bowling team competed in their final tournament of the 2021 season at Bowlerland last Wednesday, February 24th and placed 4th. Senior captain Zoe Kulick managed to win not one, but two awards. 

Although Mamaroneck won the tournament over SHS and other Westchester county teams, Kulick won a silver medal for the highest individual score. In one of her 6 games, she registered the second highest score of the day among 6 different girls teams. She won an additional second silver medal for highest series, or combined game score, among all players. 

“Winning these awards felt really good because I love the sport so it was cool to be able to prove how much better I’ve gotten over my four years on the team,” Kulick ’21 modestly admitted. 

Kulick started bowling when she was in middle school, following in the footsteps of her older siblings who also joined the bowling team in high school. She recalls that by the time she joined the team her freshman year, the bowling team at SHS, a sports team that once had only two girls, had grown to a complete roster of talented female athletes. Kulick’s loyalty to the team earned her the role of co-captain her junior year and captain as a senior this year. 

As with most student athletes, Kulick’s season was very different as a result of COVID-19.  For the first time, she competed in the NYSPHSAA, the Regional Sectional Tournament. In a normal year, students can qualify individually or with their teams for the sectional if they win their league. Scarsdale finished second behind Mamaroneck in the league this year, so normally they would not attend sectionals. This year, though, the SHS girls bowling team was eligible. Kulick stayed positive about this year’s strange season by acknowledging it as a new opportunity. 

Kulick continued to list ways COVID-19 changed this season’s dynamic. She stated that besides a few practices in the beginning of the season, the team mainly had matches. “It was different too because usually the opposing teams played right next to us but this year they were further down for social distancing purposes and we had our own two lanes,” noted Kulick. She also acknowledged that the annual holiday tournament did not happen this year, but she still had a positive experience noting that the matches the girls team played were still loud and competitive.  

“Most of the girls on the team are underclassmen but they played really well and I think they will definitely do well next year,” Kulick concluded. Although she is the only SHS girls bowling team member to win awards this year, Kulick admires her teammates and is optimistic for their next season.