Schitt’s Creek Bids Farewell


Maroon Staff

Schitt’s Creek has won nine Emmy awards and swept the comedy category. Now it is time to say goodbye!

Mykaela Madoff

Since 2015, fans have adored the hit show “Schitt’s Creek” for its wit, humor, and lovable characters. The series portrays a rich family, who is rather detached, losing all their money and moving to a small town called Schitt’s Creek. Johnny and Moira Rose, along with their two children, David and Alexis, are then forced to live in a small motel. A far cry from ballrooms and dinner parties, the show explores the family adjusting to a new lifestyle. Daniel Levy, who plays David Rose in the series, is a writer, director, actor, and creator of the show. His father, Eugene Levy, plays Johnny Rose and co-created the show with his son. With a cast of hilarious supporting roles, including Roland Schitt, played by Chris Elliot, and Stevie Budd, played by Emily Hampshire, the various dynamics between the characters allow for never-ending laughs. 

The sixth and final season premiered on January 7, 2020, in the US and Canada, and was released on Netflix for all to binge on October 3rd. Although it was a tearful goodbye, the show did not fail to go out with a bang. The last season featured fourteen episodes of hysterical jokes, a perfectly-imperfect wedding, and a look back to where it all began. As always, the complicated sibling relationship between Alexis and David, along with Moira’s priceless way with words, gave audiences everywhere a closer look into the totally dysfunctional Rose family. In a year filled with uncertainty, tension, and fear, people all over the world are trying to find relief in any way they can. The series provides a much-needed distraction, a barrel of laughs, and the quintessential escape for viewers who just might need to live in Schitt’s Creek for a little while. The final season brought a brilliant ending to the show, and I for one know I’ll be rewatching with my family.