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The reusable cup given out by on Thursday by Starbucks for Red Cup Day.
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Homeroom Update - 2/15/2023
Homeroom Update - 2/15/2023
February 15, 2024

Scarsdale’s Newest Sunday Destination is More than Just a Market

The Scarsdale Farmer’s Market opened recently, and will hopefully become a destination for people all across Westchester.
PJ Rosenthal
The Scarsdale Farmer’s Market debuted recently.

Last Sunday began the multi-month long adventure of a Scarsdale Village farmer’s market. Running from 9am to 2pm every Sunday until Thanksgiving is a festive grouping of tents with vendors selling everything from fresh bread and pickles, to chocolate, produce, and organic chickens. The live music, brightly-colored products, and dozens of people milling about establish a strong sense of community.

Several years ago a farmer’s market ran on Thursdays at 2pm. “People enjoyed it, people liked it, but it was just difficult because of the timing,” Scarsdale Mayor Justin Arest explained. After being shut down for a long time, the idea of a farmer’s market crept back into the realm of possibilities to enhance Scarsdale. “For years we’ve been trying to connect with different operators who could give us the kind of farmer’s market that Scarsdale deserves: really fresh produce and products,” Arest noted. 

The company who runs Scarsdale’s farmer’s market is called Down to Earth Markets. They have hundreds of vendor contacts within a 3-hour drive of Westchester who frequent all the local markets, including Larchmont, Ossining, and Rye. They have vendors who come with fresh fish from the Hamptons or rice that was grown in upstate New York. To them, the most important factor is that all products are “local.” There is a heavy screening process before vendors are allowed to pitch a tent and make sales. 

Scarsdale has collaborated with the Scarsdale Business Alliance, the Park’s Department, county executive George Latimer, and deputy executive Ken Jenkins in putting all the pieces together. By partnering with several people and groups from the county, the hope is for the farmer’s market to be visited by not just Scarsdale. “We want our neighbors, and for everyone to come and enjoy it as well,” Arest said. 

The opening of the farmer’s market also marks the beginning of Destination Scarsdale, a movement with the hope of turning Scarsdale Village into a destination where visitors can stay and enjoy all the perks, including the shops and restaurants. Furthermore, the timing of the market purposefully coincides with Biking Sundays.

“We’re essentially the halfway point between where biking starts and the County Center. The hope is that people will come off their bikes right in the village center and they can nosh, shop, maybe participate in the other kids activities,” Scarsdale Deputy Mayor Dara Gruenberg explained. “We have signage in place, we have bicycle racks ready, we want to welcome the cyclists,” Arest emphasized. 

After a first successful day, it’s fair to say that the market will become a gem to the Scarsdale community. With delicious products, stands from community organizations, and the opportunity to see friends, there’s no reason one wouldn’t want to go. “We’re really excited about what the future holds,” Arest stated. As the spring wears on, and summer enters the stage, there will be little better than a fun trip to the ’Dale for its plenty of amenities.

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