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May School Government House Meeting Overview

Updates from the May 2nd House Meeting.
Maroon Staff
Updates from the May House Meeting.

On May 2nd, the school government had their final monthly house meeting of the year, and a lot was discussed. Here’s an overview of what went on:

Mr. Bonamo said that the rolling gradebook survey results ended in about 50% in favor of the new system, 25% against it, and 25% indifferent to the issue. Therefore, the administration is planning on continuing with the rolling gradebook. Mr. Bonamo also said the administration is looking into a way to have a longer, schoolwide lunch period. This change does come with obstacles, however, due to facility challenges, impact on class times, and impact on cooking shifts.

Ms. Luiso stated that Apple Pay and Google Pay are now available for fundraising. The PTA is working on planning pre-prom and prom.

The freshmen class government worked the dunk tank at the carnival but had some trouble finding teachers. They are hosting a bake sale next Thursday, and are going to a Mets game together soon.

The sophomore class government ran the strong arm and fast pitch stations at the carnival. They are particularly busy right now, with a pizza sale coming up, running the Shakespeare festival breakfast for the freshmen, and planning a Non-Sibi Day workshop on expressing gratitude for staff that often go unnoticed at the school.

The junior class government grilled at the carnival, and although they made a solid profit, they did not raise as much money as they expected due to the rain. They have also selected team captains for the upcoming Junior Olympics.

The school government has also been busy recently, planning the school spirit week, carnival, and pep rally.

Mr. Paul said that Non-Sibi Day is still in need of more sessions to run, specifically related to service and wellness. Send an email to [email protected] by May 6th if you would like to run a session. Lth them know who you are and what your idea is.

Later, the government brainstormed ways to make the transition from middle school to high school easier for incoming freshmen. Ideas included putting up signs around the school to help students get to classes and teaching freshmen about the course catalog.

Lastly, the government discussed the recent drop in participation and effort in school extracurricular activities due to students spreading themselves too thin by joining too many clubs. Ideas for ways to combat this issue included publicizing a master list of clubs with the link to their GroupMe so that students better understand their choices and whether or not they want to pursue certain clubs. Also, stopping largely inactive clubs was discussed.

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