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Matan Davies November 19, 2023

Sports: In soccer, Chelsea tied Manchester City in the Premier League in an exciting 4-4 match, and Manchester United suffered a shocking loss...

Homeroom Update - 2/15/2023
Homeroom Update - 2/15/2023
February 15, 2024

In Review: SHS Visits Iceland!

Over February break, students from SHS visited Iceland. Filled with fun and new experiences, the trip was loved by all who went!
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  • The hot springs, despite being beautiful, reeked of rotten eggs because of the sulfur in the ground.

  • The glacier was massive that we climbed and everyone wore crampons on their feet to prevent slipping.

  • Many SHS students enjoyed the Skye Lagoon and the rest of its offerings which included a cold plunge, sauna, and swim-up bar.

  • A high-up overhead view of the capital city of Reykjavik. It’s known for its multicolored homes.

  • This is the view from a bridge in the city of Reykjavik that looks out onto a beautiful pond.

  • At a geothermal bakery, we ate bread that had been cooking underground for 24 hours. The rye sweetbread is often served with butter and fish.

  • An old Icelandic village that was home to some of the first settlers of the land has since been converted into a museum.

  • The Friðheimar greenhouse is where more than half of the nation’s tomatoes are grown.

  • A really beautiful waterfall with water fresh enough to drink.

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During February break, SHS science teacher Tammy Marchini, SHS science teacher Dan Meiselman, and SHS history teacher Michelle Britto took twenty students to Iceland. Everyone came home with a super cool experience and lots of chocolate.

The days consisted of glacier hikes, geothermal plant tours, and magnificent waterfalls. Indulging in cinnamon rolls was a highlight, while the traditional Icelandic fish stew was far less than glamorous. On day five, the SHS group traveled to the Sky Lagoon. A natural geothermal bath, the place was a big expanse of relaxation and a highlight of the trip. During the afternoons, we dined on underground-baked bread and tomatoes from a tomato farm, while the evenings were filled with saunas, run-ins with fascinating people from all over the globe, and ice cream. While no northern lights were spotted, maybe that will just be an incentive to visit again.


Ethan’s Take:

The trip to Iceland was unforgettable; it’s truly a naturally beautiful country. Whether it was climbing the glass-like glaciers, drinking from a waterfall with no need for a filter, or taking a dip in one of their famous geothermal heated pools, Iceland had no shortage of awe-inspiring features. Going to Iceland made me more appreciative of this wonderful planet we call home, and even more grateful that I had the opportunity to travel there. Iceland’s connections to water also result in some really unique delicacies, including fermented shark. It was easily one of the worst things I’ve eaten in my life; it had the taste and smell of the little fish food for bettas and the texture of a tough moist towelette. Iceland does have good ice cream though; after all, it’s in the name of the country. Even though this trip was a solid eight out of ten, I left the country with a sense that I had missed something. Maybe it was that I forgot to buy one of their hot dogs, which Bill Clinton so enjoyed, but that wasn’t it. I left with a lack of understanding of modern Icelandic culture. As tourists have begun to outnumber locals in the last decade or so, finding those “local spots” became difficult as I found myself surrounded by my compatriots, Brits, and Dutchmen. I wish to return someday to the Land of Fire and Ice so that I can once and for all figure out what truly ignites the spirit of the Icelandic people.

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