SHS Boys Varsity Soccer Team: 3rd in the Nation


Elliott Zhang

The Scarsdale Boys Varsity Soccer Team has been impressive this season.

Adam Rublin

The final whistle sounded and the outstanding 2021 playoff run by Scarsdale sadly ended with a 1-0 defeat to Mamaroneck. While many of Scarsdale’s players were devastated, a year later, the past is in the past and the new season is looking more than promising. Scarsdale is now presented with the opportunity to prove itself as a Section 1 powerhouse in soccer. With a stunning 10-0 start, this season is suddenly not only about making the case for being the best team in the section, but also about proving to be one of the top teams in the country. 

At the conclusion of last year’s playoff run, Scarsdale said goodbye to their three senior captains and all of the seniors who played a part in the team’s success. Replacing such significant players was difficult, but the team was up to the challenge. “Filling their spots was a bit difficult at first because they were leaders to our team and in general they were people who we looked up to,” said Lorenzo Galeano ’25. “I think our new captains, Nico [Galeano ’23], Henry [McAllister ’24], and Matthew Choe [’23], have not only filled their spots on the field, but they’re also serving as leaders to us off of the field,” Lorenzo Galeano added.

Scarsdale players had high expectations for themselves going into this season. They knew that, with the roster they have, the prospect of a Section 1 championship is as attainable as it ever has been. The roster, which is notably different from last year’s, is perhaps the best it will ever be. With all of this in effect, Scarsdale consequently climbed the United Soccer Coaches national rankings to third in the country. Behind just St. Benedict’s Prep in New Jersey and St. Ignatius in Ohio, Scarsdale is right with the best high school teams in the US, many of which are prep schools. 

With the massive success this season, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the team. Fans come to support the game, regardless of whether it was at home or away. Members of the team consider the fan enthusiasm helpful for their success, as having a crowd to play for keeps the overall energy up. “[The crowd] gives us more energy on the field and it makes us remember who we’re playing for” said Lorenzo Galeano.