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Matan Davies November 19, 2023

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Homeroom Update - 2/15/2023
Homeroom Update - 2/15/2023
February 15, 2024

“One Humanitarian Cause”: Jewish Culture Club and Muslim Youth Club Hold Israel-Gaza Fundraising Event

Muslim Youth Club
The Muslim Youth Club and Jewish Culture Club raised over 1,900 dollars in total.

We have all seen the division that has resulted from the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Both sides have defended their position aggressively, whether in altercations online or at in-person rallies and protests. Labels like “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” have contributed to the polarization. College campuses have been where some of the worst examples of this division have taken place, as colleges have been breeding grounds for Islamaphobia and antisemitism. In many such cases, conflicting student-run clubs and organizations have been a part of some tense clashes; at Columbia University, two student groups were recently suspended over accusations of threatening rhetoric and intimidation. At Scarsdale High School, however, the Muslim Youth Club and Jewish Culture Club worked together to raise money for civilians in Israel and Gaza, showcasing their ability to approach this sensitive situation peacefully.

A pizza sale was held outside the cafeteria during both lunches from November 1 to November 3. The Muslim Youth Club–a relatively new club to the high school–ran it in conjunction with the Jewish Culture Club, with the goal of “aiding civilians in Israel and Gaza.”

“The people in the Muslim [Youth] Club wanted to help the innocent civilians who were dying… and we had the idea that we could raise more money if we did a joint event with the Jewish Culture Club,” Muslim Youth Club Co-President Dani Naeem ’25 explained. “[The Jewish Culture Club] agreed that it would be a great way to show unity in a time when people are so divided.”

Jewish Culture Club Co-President Emily Levine ’24 was proud of the clubs for doing the right thing despite what most may have expected.

“There were so many presumptions that we would be fighting and that we couldn’t be in a room together without arguing… [but] we were able to demonstrate the importance of coming together, especially when we could do something that would help so many innocent civilians,” Levine stated.

From the pizza sale alone, the two clubs accumulated over 500 dollars that will be donated to humanitarian causes in Gaza and Israel. In addition to the pizza sale, the clubs raised money at the student government’s community dinner on November 6. The total for both fundraising events was around 1,900 dollars.

“At the community dinner, we got donations from all different types of people. It wasn’t just people who were Muslim or Jewish… Also, a lot of different people at the high school told me they were proud that we did an event together,” Naeem said. “I think people realized that we had no political motive and that we just wanted to help innocent civilians.”

Levine agreed that the fundraiser at the community dinner had a unique impact.

“[The community dinner] also showed a lot of Scarsdale parents the importance of coming together, which I think is really important right now,” Levine described. 

Some may wonder whether the two clubs will continue to work together on specific issues in the future. The relationship between the clubs is clearly amiable, and both clubs found immense value in the fundraising efforts beyond just the dollar amount.

“We were able to have so many constructive conversations about how we wanted to run the fundraiser, and we realized that… regardless of our political opinions right now, we could come together on the fact that we didn’t want innocent civilians dying,” Levine explained. “There’s definitely a hope that we will continue to foster this relationship between our clubs, and I would not be surprised if we did more events together in the future.”

This event is a testament to the possibility for groups to unite over their shared humanity, even in the most divisive times.

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