In the News 4/21


Maroon Staff

Here’s a look into the events that have happened in the past week.

Dance Moves Toward Inclusivity

Classical ballet, dating back to the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century, has long been controlled by rigid gender roles. The world of ballet has been making a slow and tedious journey toward inclusivity and progression from its old-world ways. Recently, Ashton Edwards, a nonbinary ballet dancer of Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, has been taking on traditionally female roles and dancing in pointe shoes, traditionally worn by women only. This month, they will dance with the corps de ballet as a swan in ‘Swan Lake.’ Edwards is leading the next generation of nonbinary ballet dancers into a world where one day their dancing will be center stage, not the debate of whether their personal identity fits in this art form.

An Update on Ukraine

As Russia and Ukraine remain engaged in conflict, US President Joe Biden has announced that the US will be contributing $1.3 billion in aid to support Ukraine. $800 million of that money will be used as a security package: including weaponry, body armor and helmets, ammunition, and drones. The US is also going to provide Ukraine with an abundance of helicopters, patrol boats, grenade launchers, multipurpose vehicles, and more. The other $500 million will directly assist Ukraine’s economy. Hopefully, this can help communities that have been affected by Russian troops. In addition to these efforts, Biden is continuing conversations with European allies to ensure that they and the US remain unified and supportive of Ukraine. 

Is Elon Musk Twitter’s Next Owner?

Entrepreneur and investor Elon Musk has made bold statements about wanting to buy Twitter. On April 21st, Musk said he has lined up commitments worth $46.5 billion to finance a Twitter takeover deal. The Twitter board has not formally responded to Musk’s offer. Instead, it implemented a “poison pill” on Friday which would make it harder for any investor to buy or take a controlling stake in the company without its approval. Musk currently owns around 9% of shares in the company and the world’s eyes are now on Musk to see whether he will withdraw his bid or continue pushing for his offer after this news.


Wildfires Rage in Arizona

Much of Arizona is currently ablaze with wildfires. The fast-growing fire near Flagstaff has been named the Tunnel fire. Because of high winds and the general dryness of the environment, the fire has already grown to cover 26 miles of land. It is thankfully spreading away from the city and towards a less populated area, but the Tunnel fire remains dangerous. The state had to evacuate over 1,000 animals from the area as well as almost 800 families as safety precautions. The Sunset Crater Volcano, as well as Wupati National Monuments, have both been closed, and almost 30 structures have been demolished. Officials do not know the direct cause of the fire but are working to discover that now. It is assumed that global warming is a big reason for the immense size of the fire.