In the News 9/29


Maroon Staff

Here’s a look into the events that have happened in the past week.

Sydney Miller

Hurricane Ian Causes Mass Destruction

Hurricane Ian is currently storming through the coast of Florida. It is causing catastrophic rain and flooding. Up to two feet of water can be expected in some tropical areas. Ian is currently categorized as a level 3 hurricane with winds reaching 150 miles per hour. Additionally, the tropical storm is also causing blackouts in many residential and commercial real estates. A shark has even been spotted swimming through the streets of Fort Myers. We hope Florida residents are able to stay safe. 


Women in Iranian Cities Take Their Stance

Protests have broken out across Iranian cities over the past few days. A 22-year-old woman died of a stroke after being taken into custody by police because she violated a dress code upheld by the nation’s government. Her family denies she had any pre-existing conditions and insists her death was a result of police brutality. This tragedy caused outrage among citizens. Forms of protest include chants against the government and women burning their hijabs and cutting their hair. 


The Possible Implementation of A.P. African American Studies

In 60 schools across the country, an A.P. African American Studies class is being piloted. This is the first time a college-level course on this subject will be offered at high schools. The curriculum will include African American history from slavery until now, and a new lens on politics, culture, and economy. Finally, the course will discuss prevalent modern racial issues. We can all hope that schools around the nation will implement the course come next fall. 


Tech Billionaire Charged for Rape

Liu Jingyao, a student at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management claims that the CEO of, tech billionaire Richard Liu, raped her after a party back in 2018. Originally, the case was dismissed without enough evidence to support Jingyao. But now, 4 years later, after witnesses have been questioned and social media has gathered support for the victim, the sexual assault case has returned to court. The judge on the case, Edward ZT. Wahl ruled that the victim may not be compensated by the retailer but will be by the defendant personally.