Rising Cases Shorten Winter Track Season

Flora Zik, Feature Editor

Many students were excited for the winter sports season to start and had been training all year. This excitement was short-lived for the members of the Winter Track team. At the start of the season, three positive cases immediately shut down the sport for ten days. Many members were looking forward to attending their first meet of the season when they received the email notice.

Although this news came with some disappointment, team members are still finding a way to stay active during their time off. “The coaches gave us training schedules to follow, and I think it’s only made people more excited to get back to normal,” commented team member Allison Scheffler ‘23. Although all of the members were given zoom workouts to do and running schedules, Scheffler agrees that training with a team is much more productive, especially to start the season.

The announcement not only dampened their first meet but also ruined spirits further, as students were “excited to be going to our first meet at the Armory in 2 years,” explained team member Sophia Yazdi ‘22. 

Although this was a precaution taken in order to keep everyone on the team safe, some students felt like it didn’t make much sense in terms of stopping the spread of the coronavirus. “Honestly it does absolutely nothing because all the kids on the track team still go to school and could potentially spread covid there so the idea we would spread it at track and that is the reason why we can’t practice together is a little silly,” explained Alexandra Simon ‘23. 

Even though this wasn’t the start to the season that everyone was hoping for or expecting, the team is excited to be returning to practice in January with a positive attitude.