P.art of Change: Senior Art Initiative Supports Black Lives Matter Movement

“All I could do was sit on my bed and get angry,” said Lauren Zou, ’20, when asked how the idea for P.art of Change came about. Zou’s reaction is a perfect way to express how many young people are feeling right now. The pandemic and social distancing regulations have kept many students from being physically present at the recent Black Lives Matter protests. Posting on social media and educating oneself and one’s peers are great ways to support the cause, but now with P.art of Change, students have a great new way to help and voice their support. 

P.art of Change is a project founded by six Scarsdale seniors. The group creates and delivers art commissions in exchange for proof of donation to an organization supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. “This is such a critical time in American history, and there’s a real possibility for reform within our justice system,” said Max Yang, ’20. This project displays the talent of Scarsdale seniors while simultaneously supporting the fight against systemic racism. “It’s an important cause, and you’re getting a great piece of artwork out of it,” said Lucy Du, ’20.

Each of the six Scarsdale High School seniors that are leading P.art of Change has a strong desire to support the movement. Max Yang, Lucy Du, Lauren Zou, Helen Marino, Magan Chin, and Michelle Pang each have their own role in the group. Lucy, Helen, and Magan are the artists; Max delivers the paintings, and Lauren and Michelle manage the organization’s Instagram page. The Instagram handle is @p.artofchange, and students can direct message or email some form of proof of donation to the following foundations: The Bail Project, NAACP, Campaign Zero, and many more listed on their website. The link to the P.art of Change website, where you can find more examples of their artwork, can be found here. If $15 or more is donated, a small customized painting or sketch will be made and delivered to you. If $35 or more is donated, a large customized oil painting will be created and brought to your home. 

P.art of Change and its leaders are an inspiration that the Scarsdale community should continue to support.