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RepresentASIAN: Crazy Rich Asians Review

Alison Chan and Lucy Brenner September 5, 2018

Crazy Rich Asians truly lives up to its name. The film, which is based on the bestselling book by Kevin Kwan, is full of family conflict, unthinkable luxury and of course, Asians. The film features a revolutionary...

The Scoop on Scoop Shop

The Scoop on Scoop Shop

Max Yang, Feature Editor May 31, 2018

Scoop Shop in the Golden Horseshoe is serving up frozen yogurt, ice cream, and candy for all. The store opened on Friday, May 18, and its first day was successful. There were many people in the store,...

Ready Player One Review

David Peng May 31, 2018

A moviegoer couldn’t truthfully claim that they noticed even half of the Easter eggs and references integrated into the action packed, sci fi fantasy Ready Player One. Directed by Steven Spielberg and...

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Album Review: Cocoa Sugar is Sweet

Juan Vargas May 31, 2018

When I first listened to “Cocoa Sugar” by Young Fathers, I must admit, I was confused. The songs sounded happy, yet sad. They were filled with liberty, yet felt confined. Their themes and feel continuously...

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Love for “Love, Simon”

Ariel Weinsaft April 21, 2018

How do you turn a relevant and controversial issue into a fresh and exciting movie that entertains people? Love, Simon does just that! This romantic comedy is told from the perspective of a young, high...

Designs for a Different SHS

Designs for a Different SHS

Ali Rothberg April 20, 2018

While not formally open to the student body yet, the design lab is most certainly up and running. Located in the hallway between the library and the gym, this large space is filled with new tools, furniture,...

Shhh! A Quiet Place Review

Isabel Horny April 20, 2018

Silence. Complete silence. This isn’t really what you would expect at the movie theatre, right? Well, for this sci-fi/ horror movie, silence is the key to survival. A Quiet Place is set in the future,...

Photo Courtesy: Maroon Staff

SHS Drama Club KILLS it with The Crimson House Murder

Magan Chin April 11, 2018

The Scarsdale High School Drama Club impressed once again with its third production of the year, The Crimson House Murder, on March 24.   This hilarious play tells the story of an excessively overpriced...

A Comedy of Errors Review

A Comedy of Errors Review

Maya Bharara and Diana Nerangis April 11, 2018

The Shakespeare club recently performed A Comedy of Errors, one of Shakespeare’s shorter plays. It tells the story of two sets of identical twins, and the misadventures that occur when they are mistaken...

A Little Off-Key: A Review of Pitch Perfect 3

Natalie Schonfeld April 11, 2018

The shockingly loud opening of Pitch Perfect 3 will leave you in sensory overload.  The movie begins with the beloved Bellas inappropriately singing “Toxic” by Britney Spears, while standing on a...

Photo Credit: Flickr

Jumanji Review

Jessie Liu March 20, 2018

The dull grey shades of the school’s basement had transformed into the emerald greens and brilliant blues of the lush plants, babbling rivers, and strange creatures of the mysterious jungle in the video...

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Editorial: Gun Control

Ali Rothberg March 5, 2018

Americans have an inexplicable infatuation with guns, unmatched elsewhere in our world. My First Rifle was a legitimate American website that promoted the purchase of of customizable firearms as birthday...

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