Why I’m Sold on “Selling Sunset”


Photo Credit: Flickr

Ariel Weinsaft

Beginning this show reluctantly, as someone who is a fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians but not much of an HGTV series watcher, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began watching Netflix’s newest reality TV show, Selling Sunset. Filed under the section of home improvement, I was uncertain of the outcome of watching this show, or whether to begin this show at all.

To my surprise, this show quickly became my newest Netflix binge. I ended up finishing all eight episodes in one weekend, as I couldn’t help but become engulfed in the drama that was displayed between the real estate agents in the first episode. The show revolves around the female real estate agents working for the Oppenheim Group, a real estate brokerage primarily selling luxury condos and houses in Los Angeles’s Sunset Strip, hence the name of the show.

The show begins by introducing the female members of the show as they individually sell houses, with the screen displaying the price of the house being shown as well as the commission that each agent would earn based on that price. Immediately, I found myself immersed in this economic aspect of the show, just thinking about how much money each individual was making from selling these houses. While this wasn’t something that I had anticipated to find myself pondering as a viewer of the show, it was something I greatly appreciate learning about from the series.

Now on to the drama: the fundamental aspect to any reality show I find worth watching. When the show introduces Crishell, the “new girl,” immediately the viewer can feel the foreshadowing of conflict breaking out between the agents. Christine, the spunky, loud, and antagonistic character provides exactly the spark that the show needs for the characters to begin to fight, with our senses of foreshadowing proven to be correct as the drama revolves around Crishell. In the second episode, when some of the agents’ love interests and husbands are introduced, we are given a better look into their individual personalities and lives. This provides yet another exciting and emotional layer to the show, again making it different from some of Netflix’s other home improvement series.

All considered I give this show 9/10 stars. While the dramatic aspects of the show were the ones that I can honestly say were the reason why I continued watching, I enjoyed the glimpse that I got into the real estate industry.