What Will Prom Look Like This Year?


Maroon Staff

Despite the restrictions, everyone is looking forward to this year’s prom.

Julia Assa

After a year of unexpected turns and twists, the seniors are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in their high school prom. 

This year, prom is on Saturday, June 3rd at Glen Isle Harbour Club. Normally the festivities begin with pre-prom, where friends and families gather to get ready, hang out, and take pictures. Next, they head to the main event, which generally takes place at a country club or another formal venue. The seniors celebrate their high school years coming to an end in a night of partying, dancing, and fun. After prom, the seniors arrange for a party bus or a van to take them to the after-prom, which usually takes place at a club in New York City. It is a long-standing tradition for students to continue the festivities throughout the weekend. The prom is a great way for seniors to celebrate their high school experience while also having one last fun weekend with their classmates.

Although the return of prom signals a gradual return to normalcy, the pandemic is still casting a shadow on the celebration. Restrictions have been put in place to ensure the safety of the students and chaperones alike. To prevent the spread of the virus, underclassmen and students who do not go to Scarsdale cannot attend the party at Glen Isle Harbour Club. Although students understand that safety is important, this controversial rule has caused a commotion among students who were planning to take underclassmen and non-Scarsdale residents to prom. “The senior class was hoping for some sense of normalcy, especially when it came to prom. We wish that guests weren’t limited to seniors, but we understand that inviting people from other schools or other grades may lead to cross-contamination and the spread of COVID,” explains Andrew Bernstein ’21. In addition to guest limitations, students must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to attend the party. Even if they are able to provide this information, students will be divided into pods of 8-10 people, who must remain together the whole time. These small groups of people will dance, hang out, and eat together. 

There is an overwhelming sense of gratitude among Scarsdale seniors because many other senior traditions were cancelled due to COVID.  “The prom committee did a great job of making things as normal as possible in these unprecedented times. Although there are some rules, I know that they’re for our safety. For example, the guests are divided into two rooms and must wear masks, but we can move freely between the rooms and dance normally,” concluded Trey Leutcher ’21.