Tom Maguire Bids Farewell to SHS


Maroon Staff

Tom Maguire, SHS Social Studies teacher for over 30 years, retires.

For the past 31 years, SHS social studies teacher Tom Maguire’s dedicated, enthusiastic, and tough but motivating approach to teaching has brightened the days and expanded and enriched the minds of SHS students. “He’s one of the first teachers I’ve had who treated students like adults while still being supportive and understanding of us as we went through the tougher parts of high school,” explained Eve Mainster ‘20 Maguire is one of few faculty members at the high school to whom people refer by their first name. “Some of my friends [would say] ‘I can’t believe you call him ‘Tom;’ I’d be too scared,’” recalled SHS science teacher Dylan Prendergast, reflecting on his own time at SHS with Tom as a teacher. Still, Pendergast always remembers seeing Maguire with a smile on his face. Looking towards the future, “fingers crossed,” Maguire adds, he hopes to travel with his wife Patty. On the list of places he looks forward to visiting is Wrigley Field; Maguire is a huge Cubs fan, and has tickets in July to see them play there. Maguire also hopes to work on a political campaign – moving to a state where the presidential race looks tight, and volunteering for a few weeks. What will he miss most about SHS? “I will miss being in a classroom and that element of performance, helping students grapple with difficult historical questions and come to some sort of understanding of what are the things that have created the world in which we live,” responded Maguire, adding that if he could show up to school and “just teach,” he could do it forever. “I am keenly aware of how fortunate I have been to spend my career in a school district that for all its craziness…  is committed to public education, provides the resources to support teachers and gives teachers the freedom to be creative … [and] to exercise academic freedom,” Maguire concluded.