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The Final Showing of Cinema De Lux

Maroon Staff
October 29th will mark both the final day of business for Cinema De Lux.

A few weeks ago, the closing of Cinema De Lux Theater in White Plains was announced. Considering the current state of the movie industry, it’s not hard to understand why this closure is happening, yet as the movie theater for many Scarsdale, White Plains, Hartsdale, and Edgemont cinema-goers, it comes as a disheartening surprise.

October 29th will mark both the final day of business for Cinema De Lux and the possible end to a movie lifestyle that includes the trip to Target for a snack beforehand or a late-night stop at Chipotle following a film. Although this theater is a staple to the community, the knowledge of its end is not widespread yet. When told of the closure, people were shocked; “WHAT?! I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Tia Mukamal ’26 said.

Many Scarsdalians use it as their go-to theater even if frequenting there has stalled. This summer’s phenomenon of Barbieheimer made people hopeful of a new wave of interest in cinema trips, but it was short-lived. With so much streaming that is cheaper and easier, going out to movies has become less appealing. Only the “experiences” are garnering big enough audiences; the movies that have a steady fanbase and reacting crowds, such as Marvel. To me, the movie theater business will never end. People need a place to be swept into a story amongst fellow viewers, teenagers need a place to hang out, and popcorn lovers will always return; however, with the current state of the streaming industry, something definitely needs to change. Many film companies are negotiating deals to extend the time between a release date and putting the movie on a streaming service. Maybe people will then be more incentivized to attend a cinema screening if they have to wait longer to see a new film.

Now that Cinema De Lux is gone, people who have been regular customers over the years need a new theater. “Maybe I’ll go to New Rochelle or Ridge Hill,” Jessica Greco ’25 suggested.

“I can go to the one at the Palisades,” Akshat Ganjoo ’25 said.

Meanwhile, others are not ready to make that change; “I actually don’t know… I usually just go [to Cinema De Lux],” explained Isabel Lin ’27.

With business diverted elsewhere, other theaters may have more success and be able to stay in business. Although it’s a drive, there’s a new one in Larchmont. There’s also the Alamo, however, it has a rule against unaccompanied minors. So essentially, this theater is irreplaceable.

In the last days of Cinema De Lux glory, it’s time to use up any reward points and have a great last film experience. Now, please go enjoy!

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