Maroon’s Summer Bucket List


As summer nears, here’s a bucket list written by the Maroon Staff for fun things to do this summer.

Chelsea Berson

It’s time to trade in those school books and homework because summer is heading for Scarsdale, New York. As temperatures rise and the sun sets later and later, here are some enjoyable things to do this summer:

Start a new TV show: Now is a great time to start binging something new. Throw a towel on your lawn, get some snacks, and get attached to fictional characters to wind down from a long school year.

Bake treats: Baking something is always amusing, whether it’s with friends, family, or alone while jamming out to some fun music. You can bake your favorite treat, find an exciting new recipe, or (for those who are a bit baking challenged) stick some Pillsbury pre-cut sugar cookies in the oven and call it a day.

Solve a murder mystery: For $29.99 you can order a “cold case” from Amazon. This unsolved case file will put you in the shoes of a detective as you sort through the over 50 investigation documents, photos, and evidence to find Harmony Ashcroft’s killer.

Learn a TikTok dance: This winter, find your inner Charli D’amelio. This task may be harder than you expect, but I know you can do it.

Play video games online with friends: This is a COVID friendly way to stay in touch with friends, take a break from the real world, and reach achievements as you play.

Do a puzzle: A puzzle is a great way to have fun while stimulating the brain. Puzzles also vary in size and difficulty, allowing for personalization in accordance to one’s puzzle expertease, or lack thereof.

Exercise: You can do this by going on a run around the block, making use of a local gym, following Youtube workout videos, and lots more. This will not only boost your muscle strength and endurance, but will also increase your energy, happiness, motivation, structure, and stress relief which is extremely beneficial and important in our current pandemic reality.