Scarsdale’s Presence In The Paint: The Raiders Make Section Finals


Elliott Zhang

The Scarsdale Raiders take the court prior to the game for the national anthem.

Adrina Fard

On March 3rd, 2023, the Scarsdale High School basketball team achieved an incredible feat, making it to the Section 1 final after defeating Mount Vernon at the Westchester County Center. Their win against Mount Vernon, which has never lost a section semi-final in history, reframed the narrative for Scarsdale.

The Scarsdale community has been buzzing as the basketball team has progressed through the section playoffs. Supporters have shown up in droves to cheer on their hometown athletes, creating an electric atmosphere at every game. “The support was incredibly helpful. Just playing at the County Center was a huge moment- especially after it being closed for years,” Daniel Hoey ‘25 expressed.

The journey to the section finals was not an easy one. The Raiders went through a rigorous schedule of games, facing off against some of the best teams in the region. Although they faced several challenges, including injuries, tough opponents, and intense pressure, the team remained focused and determined to succeed and their hard work irrefutably paid off.

To win is to work as a unit. Five players on the court, one mind,

— Noah Chappell ’23

“To win is to work as a unit. Five players on the court, one mind,” Noah Chappell ‘23 said. The team has a well-rounded roster of talented players who work seamlessly together on the court. One of the Raiders’ most impressive aspects is their unwavering team spirit. The players support each other on and off the courttheir camaraderie being evident to anyone watching them play.

Chappell explained how the fundamental difference between winning or losing comes before the game happens. “If you want to win, you need to prepare. To expose the team’s weakness. To study their plays and their strategies. To understand the opponent better than you understand your own team,” Chappell explained. The Raiders have been a force to reckon with all season. Their impressive record of wins and losses demonstrates their skill and pure dedication to the sport.

The victory shows that Scarsdale refuses to go down without a fight. It is an achievement that is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and perseverance.