Scarsdale’s Cheerleading Team Destined for Nationals


Mia Vatanapradit '23

The Scarsdale cheerleading team poses for a picture before their competition at regionals.

Hyunjin Lee

Varsity sports are back in full swing after an unprecedented year due to the pandemic. The Scarsdale Varsity Cheerleading team competed at regionals this Sunday, December 12. The team left early in the morning on a bus heading to Wantagh High School. “On the way there, I think we were all nervous but excited. We were trying to keep the energy up and be in a good mood,” remarked flier* Noa Shiloach ’23. 

The team needed to perform well at regionals to go to nationals in Disney World in Florida. They had precedent on their side, as the team had succeeded in going to nationals both times in the last two years. This year, after the hour and a half ride to the competition, the team arrived at the school to warm up, have a pep talk, and perform their routine. “I was doing the music and my heart was beating so fast while watching them perform. It was so nerve-wracking,” commented team manager Mia Vatanapradit ’23. The Raiders were competing against teams from other high schools in the state. In the gym where the teams performed, there were about ten judges from the Universal Cheerleaders Association watching the teams’ routines. Despite the pressure and nerves, the team persevered and performed skillfully. “They did pretty well. They hit all of their stunts, meaning they didn’t fall out of any, so that was very exciting to see,” explained Vatanapradit. “It was really good. We didn’t fall at all, and it was a good routine. There were some things that could have been better, but overall it was good,” agreed Shiloach.

After competing, the team was on its way back when they received the results from the judges. The video announcement brought the amazing news that Scarsdale had placed fifth out of eight teams, receiving one of the six bids to go to nationals. The team was incredibly excited after hearing the news. “After the competition, we were on the bus back when we got the results. We all listened to it together and we got really excited when we heard that we got a bid,” commented Shiloach. Although the trip will most likely look different from past years due to COVID-19, the team is still ecstatic to be able to participate. “My first thought [when I heard that we were going to nationals] was that I’m so excited to go there with my team and I can’t wait to get there,” concluded Shiloach.

*A flier is a cheerleader who is lifted up into the air by her teammates during a stunt.