Review: The Apiary at Scarsdale Public Library


The Scarsdale Public Library recently opened a cafe called the Apiary as part of their recent renovation. Considering the library is located right near SHS, students had high hopes for a new favorite restaurant.

Drew Siegel

The Scarsdale Public Library recently opened a cafe called the Apiary as part of their recent renovation. The Apiary offers a large variety of homemade foods and drinks from cappuccinos and breakfast burritos to lobster rolls and baby kale salads.

On a Saturday afternoon, my family and I decided to explore many of the different options on the menu. I had heard that the food was outstanding from several people who have been to the Apiary’s main location in Larchmont, and so I wanted to see for myself if that was the case. We placed our order through GrubHub, which was quite simple. Once the order was placed for pickup, it only took about 15-20 minutes for the food to be prepared. When we picked our food up, it was conveniently waiting for us outside the library on a table with our name on it, along with numerous other pickup orders.

I opened the packaging expecting to see a substantial lobster roll, a fresh tuna salad in a whole wheat wrap, an iced coffee, and a toasted grilled chicken panini. However, I ended up being quite disappointed as my lobster roll, which I paid $18.95 for, was roughly the size of a finger sandwich, my tuna salad came without a wrap, and the bread of my panini was soggy.

I should say that I was overly ambitious and ordered incorrectly, so this ordeal is partially my fault. I would have probably been happier with a traditional muffin or some chicken nuggets off the children’s menu, but that’s beside the point. I was puzzled by my experience because so many of my friends had recommended the restaurant and insisted it would be a great experience. It could be true that lobster rolls are not their specialty and salads might be their featured foods, but the forgotten wrap seems to point to the carelessness of the location’s staff. On a positive note, I was very satisfied with my iced latte. It had a subtle taste of coffee mixed with just the right amount of sweetness.

The convenience of this restaurant made me hopeful that I would love the Apiary. Many students at SHS walk to some eateries in the village for lunch or Starbucks for a drink, when they fail to realize that there is a restaurant just around the corner from the school. Also, in a normal year, I would love to get a cup of coffee and sit with my computer while I do my work, considering it is in such a quiet and peaceful environment – a library.

In short, I may have been displeased with my food selections, but I am willing to give the Apiary a second chance, considering the convenience of the location.