New Road Signs @ Wayside and Post


PC: Allen4names

Evan Huo

On Saturday September 22 at 6:03 pm, motorcyclist Junio Aridio, 44, was involved in an accident on Wayside and Post that resulted in his death. Max Brody, 19’, who was two cars behind the motorcyclist “noticed a car pull up out of Wayside and not come to a complete stop at the stop sign…. [he] could tell the motorcyclist was driving at approximately 35 miles per hour and… the car pulling out of Wayside rammed into the motorcyclist. He flew off his bike and skidded across the road. It was a frightening sight, everyone else around jumped out of their cars and rushed to this man’s assistance, but it was no use.” Ardio was transported to the Westchester Medical Center, but was pronounced dead several hours after the incident. The Wayside and Post intersection was closed for hours on Saturday as the police conducted an investigation. Since then, Scarsdale has taken safety measures, such as a sign change. When exiting the school near the 2 hour parking lot, there is a sign that prohibits left turns. Post Road is a busy, narrow street; many have always deemed it to be dangerous. As a reminder, we need to be careful and attentive on Post Road, which includes not texting or speeding.