Midterm Elections Recap: Everything You Need to Know



The 2022 midterm elections, which occurred two weeks ago, were eventful.

Adam Rublin

The 2022 midterm elections on Tuesday, November 8 revealed which issues are most important to voters going forward. Reproductive freedoms and America’s economic stability will remain voters’ top priorities as both parties scramble to prepare their strategies for the 2024 presidential elections. 


Up until the recent election, President Joe Biden’s Democratic party had control over both the House and the Senate. During his presidency, both the Infrastructure Bill and Inflation Reduction Act were passed. However, the rise in gas prices and inflation has reduced Americans’ approval of the Democratic party during Biden’s presidency.


Gubernatorial races and control over both the House and Senate were up for grabs during the midterms. The three major races that were likely to determine control over the Senate, which took place in what are known as “battleground states,” were Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. A win in two of the three races by either party would have likely given that party control of the Senate.


In the Georgia Senate race, Republican Herschel Walker, former star football player, challenged incumbent Democrat Reverend Senator Raphael Warnock. Warnock won the special election in 2020 to fill Johnny Isakson’s seat by narrowly defeating Kelly Loeffler in a runoff election. The historically red state has become bluer in recent years, as Joe Biden won the state in the presidential election, and both Jon Ossoff and Warnock, both Democrats, emerged victorious in 2020 US Senate races in the state.


Walker has numerous scandals associated with his name. Although he is vocal about being pro-life, multiple women have gone public with claims that Walker pressured them into getting an abortion while they were together. The race between Walker and Warnock will go to a runoff election on December 6 since neither candidate received a majority of the votes in the election on November 8. 


The Pennsylvania Senate race was close as well. The former lieutenant governor and Democratic nominee John Fetterman looked to pick up a seat for the Democrats. His opponent was celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz, who was under scrutiny for his lack of connection to Pennsylvania. After a shaky debate performance while recovering from a stroke, some Democrats were skeptical of Fetterman as the Democratic nominee. However, Fetterman beat Oz and won Pat Toomey’s seat.


As for the Nevada race, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat, was challenged by Republican Adam Laxalt, who was part of Donald Trump’s attempt to invalidate the election results from Nevada in 2020. In a tight race that had not been decided until four days after Election Day, incumbent Cortez Masto kept her seat in the Senate. With her win, the Democrats were ensured that they would remain in control of the Senate.


Going into the midterms, the Republicans were heavily favored to take control of the House of Representatives. This was expected, as many presidents’ parties lose the midterm election, especially in their first term in office. Democrats largely outperformed projections in the House elections, however, the Republicans have taken control of the House by a narrow margin.


The midterm results will surely set a precedent for American politics going forward. Many candidates who denied the election results of 2020 ended up disappointed by the midterms. Voters have shown the inevitable impact of the Dobbs decision, an impact that is certain to be lasting. 


Regarding how the midterm elections will define what happens in Washington, the Republican-controlled House will likely lead numerous investigations into possible wrongdoing by President Biden and his administration. Also, the split in Congress could cause tension surrounding the debt ceiling, which has the ability to harm the economy considerably. The retaining of Democratic control of the Senate will allow the various executive branch nominees to be confirmed with minimal trouble. Overall, the midterm elections will have a drastic effect on the future of our country in a political climate that is as divisive as ever.