Maroon Brings You 7 Summer Style Suggestions


Maroon brings you style tips to keep you on trend for the summer months!

Sydney Miller and Chelsea Berson

Summer 2021 is officially here! And, what better way to celebrate than styling with the help of Maroon!

Beaded Jewelry is a large contributor to this summer’s style. Pair a beaded choker with some beaded bracelets. Amazon has beaded jewels for purchase or even consider going to Micheals, which sells all types of beads so anyone can DIY.

Along with beads, chunky acrylic rings are in! These can also be found on Etsy, Amazon as well as numerous other sites. Every Scarsdale student will be fashionable once they have accessorized with beaded bracelets, necklaces and chunky rings.

Now clothes – long skirts are back! These can be found on many online stores such as Brandy Melville and are great for dinner or a casual summer day. Anyone can pair a chic long skirt with a cute tank top layered by a light cardigan for a perfect summer outfit.

Next, crochet is back in style. Knitted tops are an adorable way to spice up a summer wardrobe. These can be found on online sites such as Madewell and other boutiques. Or, if any crafty student is up for a project, the nearby Michaels sells yarn and many crocheting tutorials are available on Youtube!

Another trendy clothing item for summer is a scarf top. Any SHS student can fold and tie a scarf to create an original top. TikTok and Instagram even have videos on how to tie different designs. Wear these tops with straight jeans to be the trendiest attendee at a summer barbecue.

Additionally, biker shorts have made a comeback. These can be paired with a workout top for an athleisure wear look or with a baggy sweatshirt for lounging. Biker shorts can be bought at Brandy Melville, Target, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, and PacSun! A summer bike ride in biker shorts has got to be great! 

Flare pants are back too! Flares can be paired with a crewneck sweatshirt, a baby tee, or a plain white tank top. These versatile yoga pants can be quickly purchased and are perfect for reading on a rainy summer day!