Maroon and White Fall Sports Award Dinner

Amanda Ruzumna

This past Tuesday, November 14th, Maroon and White held its annual Fall Sports Award Dinner at Mulino’s at Lake Isle at 6:30PM.  Players, parents, and coaches were invited to attend the dinner.  All fall sports offered at SHS were present at the dinner: football, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, swimming, cross country, and cheerleading.  There were three rooms designated for the sports. Football, cheerleading, and volleyball shared a room, getting to watch and listen to each team’s presentation.  Likewise, cross country and swimming shared a room, and soccer and field hockey shared a room.  

As people entered the venue, they were required to check in at one of the counters, categorized by sport and by team.  From there, the Maroon and White volunteers pointed people out to their designated rooms.  In the rooms, tables were specifically reserved for each team.  A house salad and bread was put out on the tables to start.  As the ceremony began, waiters and waitresses served the entrée, which was chicken parmesan and penne alla vodka.  The ceremony consisted of each team’s coach preparing a speech and presenting it at a podium.  Afterwards, the coach would call up each player and hand them their certificate for the season and any other awards the player had won.  Each coach’s speech was heart-felt and was meaningful to their team.  “For me a moment that stuck out was hearing all of the coaches speeches and seeing how genuinely dedicated every person in Scarsdale is to their sports,” shared Izzy Riback ’19, a player on the girls’ Varsity A Soccer Team.  The dinner was a lot of fun for the players, as well, allowing them to be with their team again and bringing them even closer.  “I thought the dinner was a really fun and nice way to reunite with your team and reflect on the season,” added Riback.  

In addition to the speeches from the coaches, some teams had longer presentations with speeches from captains and even more.  The Football Team’s coaches created a video of the team, and the video was shown before the awards began. “The video was really funny and cute, and everyone seemed to enjoy it,” commented Natalie Appel ’19, who plays on the girls’ Varsity B Volleyball Team.  The dinner and presentations given were a really nice way to honor the seniors, but also a sad goodbye.  “The speeches from the coaches were really nice and it was sad for the seniors to see them announce the new captains and finish off their seasons,” added Appel.