Luis Marino: A Superhero at SHS


Jennifer Schwartz

Marino, a custodian at SHS, helps communities around the world. He is a role model for all.

Jennifer Schwartz

Are you a Marvel or Avengers fan looking for a new superhero? Well, look no further, because there is one roaming the halls of Scarsdale High School. His superpowers outshine all others. This superhero, however, doesn’t have a name like Batman or Thor. His name is Luis Marino.


Marino’s utmost kindness comes through not only in conversation but also in his life outside of school. While at SHS, students know Marino as a custodian, in Port Chester, residents know him as their mayor. Marino ran for mayor about a year ago, after several years of working as a trustee of the city of Port Chester. “Someone approached me to run for office, and that’s when I ran for trustee. I did three terms, nine years, and then the party decided I should run for mayor,” Marino said. 


Being in charge of a city is not an easy task. Marino, born in Peru, is the first Hispanic mayor of Port Chester. His job entails tackling many challenges, but still loves his job, and he says his favorite aspect of being mayor is engaging with the residents of the city. “I’m very active in the community, and I try to help as much as I can,” Marino explained.


However, Marino’s love for helping others extends beyond just helping the people in his community. He also volunteers for an organization in Guatemala, a country he visits multiple times a year. Marino volunteers at an organization that helps to provide Guatemalan children with school supplies and clothing. “I’ve been going there for six years, and I help around 350 kids a year,” Marino said.


Marino’s childhood has had a significant impact on his generous disposition. Growing up in a poor village in Peru, Marino experienced the same poverty many children in Guatemala experience today. “I decided to help Guatemala because they really, really need [the help]. It is a very poor country, especially outside of the city. That’s what encouraged me to help the kids,” Marino explained.


Amazingly, Marino’s hero resume does not end here. On top of being mayor of Port Chester, volunteering in Guatemala, and working as a custodian at SHS, Marino volunteers at his local fire department. “That’s my hobby,” Marino remarked. “I make calls early in the morning and I’m very active in the fire department. Anytime my ringer goes off, if I’m around, don’t have a board meeting, and I’m not working, I go [to help out]. If there’s a big fire, I’m allowed to leave work and pay the time [it takes] back,” Marino said.


With his volunteer work in Guatemala and at his local fire department, Marino has helped countless people. Yet his most astonishing rescue occurred by chance at the beginning of this year. 


Imagine you are driving down Westchester Avenue at 9 pm. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you see a small figure crossing the street right in front of your car. This is exactly what happened to Marino in April of 2022 when a 4-year-old boy who had run away from his home dashed in front of Marino’s car. Marino was shocked. “I thought I was having a nightmare,” he explained. He quickly parked his car on the side of the road and brought the boy to safety. After calling the police, Marino was able to reunite the boy with his family. The family had been searching for the child for hours.


Luis Marino truly is a hero. And, even with his many incredible accomplishments, he remains humble and kind. His selflessness and motivation to continue helping those he can, in addition to his modesty, are values we should all strive towards.


So, as one can see, the phrase “Not all heroes wear capes” really is true.