Jabberwocky Coffee House: Showcasing Student Talents



SHS’s arts and literacy magazine Jabberwocky hosts a successful Coffee House featuring several talented students.

Eimaan Bilal and Irene Li

On October 22nd, Jabberwocky Club, the SHS arts and literary magazine, hosted the Jabberwocky Coffee House, an hour-long show featuring student performances and talents.

Traditionally, Coffee Houses are held in the auditorium every other month; however, due to COVID-19 restrictions, this month’s Coffee House was held at the Brewster Entrance. Nevertheless, the Jabberwocky Coffee House was still a huge success. “Hosting the Coffee House outside gave it a street performance feel,” noted Natasha Pereira ’24, a Jabberwocky officer. “It was very delightful to watch and enjoy all the epic performances and creators present their work all the while enjoying delicious donuts, cookies, sweets, and some coffee,” she added.

The Coffee House’s first performance was by Lydia Jin ‘22 who sang Best Friend by Rex Orange County while playing a ukulele. Next up was Michael Farina ‘22 and Ayaan Bahl ‘22 who played the duet Four by Eddie Vinson with saxophones. After their duet was Anjali Shoetz ’24 who sang the piece On My Own. She truly brought the song justice since it is a song from the notorious opera Les Miz. The next performance was choreography from the SHS Dance Team! This was shocking yet enjoyable since this was their first performance for Jabberwocky. The dancers also incorporated their backpacks into the dance and the overall performance was breathtaking and smooth. The following performer was Jayho So ’22 who read aloud Duck Pond Road, a beautiful excerpt he wrote himself about nature and his surroundings. Another reader Dani Gantcher ’22 performed an interesting excerpt from the poem Glory of the Mundane that she originally wrote. Next, the duo Annie Cavalluzzi ’23 and Nora Muhaxheri ’23 sang a beautiful duet named Redbone, by Childish Gambino, and also played the guitar! The last performance of this month’s coffeehouse was Suni Yoo who played a lovely piece on the oboe.

Overall, the Coffee House enjoyed a successful turnout and showcased many student talents. 

If you are interested in performing for an upcoming Coffee House or submitting a piece for the Jabberwocky magazine, please contact [email protected]

Coffeehouse performers:

  • Spencer Krivo ’22: improv electric guitar
  • Natasha Pereira ’24: Jabberwocky, by Lewis Caroll (poem)
  • Lydia Jin ’22: Best Friend, by Rex Orange County (song)
  • Michael Farina ’22 and Ayaan Bahl ’22: Four, by Eddie Vinson (instrumental)
  • Anjali Shoetz ’24: On My Own, from Lez Miz (song)
  • SHS Dance Team
  • Jayho So 24’: “Duck Pond Road” (original narrative)
  • Dani Gantcher ’22: “Glory of the Mundane” (original poem)
  • Annie Cavalluzzi ’23 and Norah Muhaxheri ’23: Redbone, by Childish Gambino (song)
  • Suni Yoo ’25: oboe performance