Grant vs. Graham: The Academy Award Interview


Maroon Staff

Everyone can use a little more kindness and if that’s what is being taken from the situation, so be it.

Elliot Eisenberg

The 2023 Oscars came and went in three long and glamorous hours. The award show featured dressed-up celebrities, controversial humor, fabulous dancing, and some questionable calls over who really deserved the honors. While last year’s event involved a much larger hiccup, one occurrence from the night prompted online debate. On the newly cream-colored carpet, an interview was conducted between Ashley Graham, the interviewer, and Hugh Grant, the interviewee. 

The video of their conversation went viral as people mentioned how Grant’s blatant rudeness didn’t match Graham’s engaging, high energy. She prompted Grant with several questions ranging from his excitement over being at the Oscars to what it was like while filming a cameo for Knives Out: Glass Onion. All his answers consisted of less than ten words making it visibly hard for Graham to continue the interview.

While half the internet branded Hugh Grant as a snob or a jerk, others excused him as just acting “British.” People laughed off his answers explaining that the sarcasm is just one example of the differences between American and British humor. Regardless of the country, if someone proceeds to roll their eyes (which Grant did) at someone, they are indeed not being considerate. People did not fail to notice this as a video of just his facial expression and walk away from Graham was shared numerous times.

The person who strode gracefully away from the situation in a positive light is Graham. She was commended for how she continued to ask questions despite being given little to work with by means of Grant’s answers. When asked about the highly discussed interview, she responded “You know what, my mama told me to kill people with kindness. So there ya go.” 

Everyone can use a little more kindness and if that’s what is being taken from the situation, so be it. Grant has yet to make any comments on the situation, so now Twitter can wait with bated breath for his perspective to be shared. Next year, audiences can hope for the Oscars to include less real-life drama and instead turn to the screens that make comical, emotional, and adventurous stories truly come to life.