Grammys Fashion Review

Ava Schnipper

On February 5, 2023, the 65th Annual Grammy Award Show took place. The world’s most famous and talented musicians reunited for a night of awards and performances. Celebrities often utilize award shows such as the Grammys, Oscars, and Academy Awards to show off their favorite fashion. Some wear standard outfits, such as a suit and tie, while others wear outfits that less ordinary. Outfits often showcase celebrities’ personalities.

Taylor Swift wore a beautiful, royal blue dress that was cropped at the top. The bottom was a “mermaid-style” dress, which was tight around her waist and dragged on the floor. The most breathtaking part of her outfit was her earrings. Swift had diamond-shaped silver earrings with blue crystals in the middle. In addition, she had blue makeup to match her dress. For many Taylor Swift fans, the time periods in between her albums are referred to as “eras.” Since coming out with her album, Midnights, many fans have noticed that her clothes have had dark blue tones, which corresponds to what the sky looks like at midnight.

Machine Gun Kelly wore a silver tin-looking outfit from Dolce & Gabbana. His entire outfit from top to bottom was the same silver color. Some argue that he was one of the “best dressed,” but I feel that he could have had a larger variety of colors. 

Cardi B looked stunning in her blue Mugler dress; she looked as if she had come out of the ocean. There was a blue wave over her head and around her body. This look may have not been her most creative, but the color and cut looked gorgeous!

Harry Styles wore an outfit that was typical for his style: bright colors with sparkles. Styles’ clothes bring an energy to his presence. Styles is known for his outfits, especially the ones that he wears to his concerts and award shows. He did not disappoint with his Egonlab x Swarovski outfit!

Lizzo made a statement with her orange floral outfit. The outfit covered her whole body, including above and around her head. In addition, her makeup matched the orange color of her dress. In my opinion, this look was extravagant, but the color and fit could have been better. She should not have covered her entire body because it would be better if the fans could see her!

The artists at the 2023 Grammy Awards did a great job with their appearances. There was a diverse color pallet, filled with different designs and patterns from some of the best clothing companies in the world.