Golf Magazine Features SHS Lee ’21

Audrey Schonfeld,

Scarsdale High School Boys’ Golf Co-Captain Steven Lee ’21 is not only accomplished in local golf circles, but also across the United States. In the June edition of Golf Magazine, Lee and his coach Gary Weir from Westchester Country Club will be featured in an article discussing differences in the game between younger and older players. The piece will address differences in golf swings among players of differing ages and, furthermore, how to deal with the limitations of age in the golf world.

Having developed his passion for golf from his father’s love of the game, Lee is well positioned to understand the way the sport changes through adulthood. “My dad put a golf club in my hand [as a young child], and I just kept going with it,” reflected Lee. In high school Lee joined the golf team, which is when he really started getting serious about the game.  “It gave me more of a competitive atmosphere, and from then on I played in other tournaments, as well, and I just fell in love with it,” said Lee. 

Lee has been recruited to play golf at the University of Pennsylvania; however, he plans to take a gap year during which he will travel widely to play golf. His long-term goal of playing professional golf is penciled in until he graduates from college.  “[Going pro] is so competitive nowadays, it’s like a one in a billion shot,” reflected Lee.

As for the upcoming Golf Magazine article, Lee explains the article is a lesson for golfers of all ages. He says that while golf may not be one of the most exciting sports, everyone should give it a try. “It may be really tough at first, and it gets frustrating at times, but stick to it. Once you hit that first good shot, that’s a feeling you will never forget, and you will be hooked,” expressed Lee.

Scarsdale High School Boys’ Golf Co-Captain Steven Lee ‘21 playing golf.