Go Gaga for Ya Ya’s Bakery


Olivia Sun '23

A vibrant abstract strawberry cake featured in the bakery’s Instagram account.

Hyunjin Lee

Dessert lovers everywhere, rejoice! An SHS student-owned at-home bakery, called Ya Ya’s Bakery, has opened right here in Scarsdale.

With plans to visit California over February break canceled, Olivia Sun ’23 was left at home with a lot of time on her hands. She had always been an avid baker, bringing treats to gatherings that were always well-received. Encouraged by those compliments and guided by other bakeries, she decided to start a small business.

Sun first started advertising mainly to the Chinese community in Scarsdale, as they were the ones that had previously tasted her baked goods. Through a messaging app called WeChat that many Chinese people in Scarsdale use, Sun created a group chat where potential customers can join to view the menu, look at the order form, and receive Sun’s posts.

For those that do not have a WeChat account, Sun also has an Instagram account for the bakery with all of the information required to order. There, she also regularly posts photos of items on her menu, using her father’s professional camera to capture the photos.

The bakery accepts orders through a Google Form, which opens about once a month. Once an order is submitted, Sun confirms the order with the customer and any customizations that were requested. After buying the necessary ingredients, Sun gets to work. She considers her orders for the month and bakes them accordingly so that they are as fresh as possible on the pickup day. Decoration comes last, generally on the day before pickup.

After picking up their order, a customer is greeted with a sticker of the logo on the top of the box. The care and thought given to each order are evident in the packaging. The box the order is delivered in comes with a miniature spork affixed with washi tape. Nestled in the center of the box is the star of the show: the cake in all of its glory.

The bento cakes that the bakery specializes in originated in Korea. They are small, customizable cakes designed by Sun. She gains inspiration from “looking at other people’s ideas and then putting [her] own spin on them.” Sun has watched numerous videos of Korean lunchbox cakes, and a TikTok video of a baker making small cakes was another influence in the creation of her bakery. Other treats offered by the bakery include cookies, macarons, and brownies, with vegan options as well.

Juggling a small business along with all of the responsibilities of a junior at SHS is not without its challenges. The time required to fulfill an order can range anywhere from half an hour to two hours, so Sun must manage her time well. She also needs to store all of her baked goods in her family’s refrigerator, requiring her to limit the orders she can accept. “I’m still in the process of learning everything. But once [I do], I think it will be easier and more efficient,” reflected Sun.

Check out the bakery’s Instagram page @yayasbakeryscarsdale!