Girls’ Varsity A Volleyball Wrap-up 2017

Max Yang

The Girls’ Varsity A Volleyball team had an exceptional season. The team won a total of 24 games and lost 14 games. “The team dynamic was always great on and off the court. During preseason and during frees we would always go to the village and get food together, or just hang out at each other’s houses. On the court we worked really well together and were always really supportive of one another,” said Magan Chin ’20. Magan is an outside hitter and middle blocker.

Before the season started, the team attended the KSA Fall Classic Tournament at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. “Going to Disney was really a great experience. I feel like going to Disney is what really solidified the comradery of the team, and really developed trust and teamwork, which translated to our relationship on the court,” remarked Chin. The team won three of the seven games played at the tournament.

The team also had many accomplishments during the season. Notably, they were able to defeat their rival, Ursaline. “One of the highlights of our season would probably have to be beating Ursuline twice. Beating Ursuline was great because our teams had always been fierce competitors,” commented Chin.

The team ended their season on November 1st after losing the sectional quarterfinals. They secured a spot in the quarterfinals after beating Clarkstown South in four sets. Unfortunately, they were not able to win their game against North Rockland. “I’m really sad about the season ending because it’s going to be really tough not being able to see the people who I have spent every day practicing with since the beginning of the season. I am also really bummed because our team was so strong this year, and I feel like we had the potential to go so much further in the playoffs. I think in the end; however, we all fought really hard,” said Chin.