Georgia Runoff Election Recap



The results of the Georgia runoff election leave many Scarsdale High School students wondering the subsequent implications.

The Georgia runoff election recently occurred on Tuesday, Jan. 5. In this special election, incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue ran for re-election against Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff. In the second race, former pastor Raphael Warnock faced off against incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler. These two seats were the determining factors of which party will have the Senate majority for the next two years, and how much legislation the Biden-Harris administration will be able to pass through Congress. It is important to note that although this runoff has been somewhat overshadowed by the riots and invasion of the nation’s capital, the results were extremely significant for the direction of our country. Mr. Ossoff and Pastor Warnock both won their respective races, and thus regained a Senate majority for the Democratic party. With this, current Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will presume the role of Mitch McConnell and will reside over the Senate. The Democratic party will therefore control what will be brought to the Senate floor for deliberation. 

Although this election was not held in the state of New York, members of the Scarsdale community looked for ways to have their voices heard. Over the past months, Jonah Miller, the founder of student-run publication Street View News, volunteered for politicians Sarah Gideon and Jon Ossoff as he wanted to help combat political polarization. “The state of Georgia is a microcosm for the rest of the country, showing how divided we really are,” said Miller ’21. He also believes in the importance of involving all citizens in elections and staying informed on political discussion.

Scarsdale residents believe that the two elected Senators will allow Biden to push more of his policy forward. Through this election, many have witnessed the importance of the separate branches in the US government. For example, Scarsdale student Haochen Liu has had the realization that the US government is not solely dependent on the presidency similar to many. Having a majority in both parts of Congress plays a big role in a President’s legislative agenda. The voters within Georgia have spoken. Although a Democratic majority in Congress is influential to President-elect Biden, it is important to note that Jon Ossoff is the first Jewish Senator from the State of Georgia, and Pastor Raphael Warnock is the first Black Senator, which demonstrates Georgia’s progress as a State in terms of diversity. “Joe Biden and these new Senators who are in power will hopefully restore the citadel of liberty that all other countries desire,” states Liu. While this election was decided by a small portion of the country, it holds great magnitude for the future of the nation, and how this country is viewed on a global scale.