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Frozen Yogurt is Back: Fan Favorite Treat Returns to the Learning Commons Menu

Maroon Staff
The frozen yogurt machine open for use to students in The Learning Commons

Costing just 85¢ per ounce, a new treat greeted SHS students last month in the Learning Commons. A glimmering silver box featuring three handles radiated joy across the building, welcoming the return of a long-awaited school delicacy: fro-yo. SHS’s frozen yogurt machine is no longer just a dream, featuring vanilla, chocolate, or swirl, plus the option for sprinkles, cookie dough bites, and Oreo pieces.

With the rise of COVID-19 came the removal of many food items from the Cafeteria and Learning Commons out of safety concerns. Since school has largely returned to normal, some lunch staples like coffee and frozen yogurt have made a comeback. Last year, the student government inquired about turning the machine back on, however, it was learned that the machine was broken. With the lobbying of the student government behind them, the school was able to purchase a new and improved fro-yo machine.

Any student government proposal takes time; the process involves discussion, proposal drafting, administration communication, and the idea’s physical implementation. Compared to when the student government added coffee to the cafeteria, the process of bringing back fro-yo was much simpler.

When Natasha Peirera ’24 was running for school government president, she promised to turn on the machines in the Learning Commons. “There’s always that concern as a member of the student government that we won’t be able to fulfill what we promised. It’s been very nice to see people walking around with cups of it,” Peirera explained.

For the most part, students are enjoying the reinstated snack. “I really like the froyo machine, the toppings and flavors are nice,” Linda Zhang ‘26 commented. However, some students complain about the quality of the frozen yogurt. “It’s too soupy, but I like the variety,” Katie Kendall ‘26 commented.

“It’s been awesome to have changed so much of the food experience at Scarsdale, with the coffee, Grandma’s Cookies, Fro-Yo, dried fruit… I hope people are enjoying it,” Peirera ’24 commented.

It’s important to note that the machine is out of use every few days for service; however, this does not bother students. “It’s out of use sometimes or being fixed, but it’s not that big of an inconvenience,” remarked Zhang. Overall, students are enjoying the addition of this frozen treat to the Learning Commons menu.


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